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‘Surviving R.Kelly’: Docuseries Expose Sordid Details Of Sexual Abuse Perpetrated By The Singer For Years

‘Surviving R.Kelly’: Docuseries Expose Sordid Details Of Sexual Abuse Perpetrated By The Singer For Years

Sleek and smooth rap artiste and accomplished entertainer, Robert Sylvester Kelly popularly known by his stage name R.Kelly is maybe not so sleek afterall. Reports of allegations of the singer’s unwholesome sexual attraction to minors and his wanton sexual abuse of them have consistently emerged.

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Like with the famed and loved ‘american dad’ figure that Bill Cosby put forward behind all his shady dealings with women for which he is now in prison, R.Kelly’s larger than life personality appears to be nothing more than a monstrous facade behind which young innocent girls were objectified, isolated and reduced to the most lowly sexual performances.

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After many failed attempts to hush the rumblings about the entertainer’s alleged promiscuity, a powerful docuseries has blown it all open as R.kelly’s accusers and inner circle who pretty much were enablers, and facilitated the movement of  girls into his mansion where he isolated them from their families and the outside world for as long as he could, have come out with the truth about the superstar who rose to stardom sometime in 1993.

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The six part documentary titled ‘Surviving R.Kelly’ premiered in the US on Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 and the parts two and three are slated to air on 4th and 5th.

So far, the reaction of Internet users to the aired parts have been one of disgust and huge disbelief, the series definitely is a no-holds-barred account including the confession that favorite singer and ex-wife of Robert, Aliyah who died in her prime, had married the singer when she was below consent age, but the singer’s close ally had forged documents regarding Aliyah’s age to enable the singer marry her, after he got her pregnant.

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The gut wrenching account of the accusers and the rapper’s closest buddies through his tainted career and fame has left everyone terrified, many American celebrities like John Legend, Gabrielle Union, Kelly Washington, have taken to their social media to show support for the survivors, and spoken up against the disgraced singer, whose hardwork and long career may have now come to a shameful end.

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Singer and dad of two, John Legend was one of the first celebrities to speak up, while the producers of the series, said they had reached out to other celebrities like Jay z, but they wanted none of it.

See reactions on Twitter and short clip from the series below:

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