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Dear MIMsters: Should I Yield To This Wealthy Man Who Has Promised Me All These?

Dear MIMsters: Should I Yield To This Wealthy Man Who Has Promised Me All These?

Should I yield to this wealthy man who has promised me all these?

I’ve read a lot of stories here and I feel I will get valuable advice from here on this issue that is seriously bothering me. I do seriously need a job even though I do small businesses here and there and presently doing my Masters.

I rounded up my NYSC on October, 2015. While serving, I took a side job with a security company as a marketer for two months but I was never paid. Not a dime even to recover my transport expenses. On one of those days of looking for prospects, I met this man at a hotel I visited and he wanted my number, but I politely declined.

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About a month later, a Church member connected me to a wealthy man who is in need of our products. When I got to the office, it was this same man I met at that hotel sometime ago. I tried to be as polite as possible. Well, I had to release my number for further communication. This man is wealthy and he did try to flaunt his wealth as much as he could. I politely declined all his extensions of “kindness”. He kept telling me he would get me a better job after NYSC in Abuja. Later, I got to know that all the Corp members he dated are working in Abuja. I know one of the girls he dated, she was in my platoon.

I was brought up not to accept gifts from men, so I declined when he tried to change my phone by offering me a new one. He actually works in Abuja but visits the state where I was serving often. When he’s visiting, he would call to ask me if I wanted anything but I would politely decline. This man’s interest in me heightened but he never mentioned purchasing any of the equipments I was marketing again.

I do visit Abuja regularly as most of my siblings live there. So when I’m in Abuja, he would beg to see me, but I would politely refuse. So, he stopped trying in February 2017.

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Last week, a message popped up on my WhatsApp, it was him, asking if I had found a job yet, I said no and he was furious. He said my pride will kill me and all. Believe me, this isn’t pride. I’m presently 28, still a virgin, although I’m very outgoing and boisterous so you can hardly tell. Meanwhile, this man is full of lust, always making reference to my big breasts and how he likes them.

I do really need a job URGENTLY and he is asking me to see him on Monday. I know this man loves sex because he has told me point blank that he wants me. He says that if I can cooperate with him, I will enjoy. Should I go see him and plead with him to help me? I’ve not been able to bring myself to have sex with young guys, let alone this man. What do I do?

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  • My dear, so sorry about dis but he won’t help you until he get what he wants which is ur body. So please try and see if you can start any side business aside from looking for job. I have been in your shoes before and it quite annoying.

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