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Dear MIMSters: Help!!! My Marriage Thrives Only On Social Media. Part 2

Dear MIMSters: Help!!! My Marriage Thrives Only On Social Media. Part 2

Continued from part one.

We bought our own house, we could afford to travel around the world, and hubby was able to help his extended family financially. I was also making my own money so I did not object to his help to his family even though it became excessive but I took it all in good strides. After a while, I noticed hubby started having excuses staying outside our home than before. With time, the spark between us was physically reducing and I decided to investigate what was happening.

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Let me state here that even though we were drawing apart at home, his love for me on social media was getting hotter. He would share my photos, writing sweet nothings to me on social media and people would hail him for being such a cool husband. This is someone who has not had sex with me in over 12-months now. I have begged, I have cried, I have threatened, I have played the prostitute… what have I not done, but hubby’s physical love for me has reduced drastically while his virtual love keeps growing to everyone’s fancy.

People would always tell me how lucky I am to be married to a man who adores me that much whereas only I know I am dying inside.

I found out that hubby has a steady side chick whom his mother had even accepted. She says she wants grandchildren and I seem not to be giving her one after 5-years of marriage.

Meanwhile, hubby is such a good actor that no one would believe me if I opened up on all I am facing in my marriage. Most nights, while I lay alone in bed, he would be with his side chick in the apartment he got for her. Some of those nights, he would even post my photos on Facebook singing my praises while he lay beside his girlfriend, far away from me.

I have asked him why he is treating me this way but he has nothing to say. I have tried to seduce him but he wouldn’t even touch me; he has even moved out of the room we use to share.

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In all of this, he still recently bought me a brand new car and even flaunted it on social media. He still buys me first class tickets to travel outside the country for holidays. He would still from time to time, transfer huge amount of money into my account but he wouldn’t touch me. If he would not have sex with me, how do I conceive? Sometimes I think of telling Uncle Boye about what he is doing to me but I know it may affect his job. I actually believe he is doing his social media love to fool people, especially Uncle Boye but how do I let people see who he really is to me.

Just this morning, he had posted my photo on social media again even though he did not sleep in the house last night.

I love my husband even though he is treating me unfairly. How do I handle this?

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  • Your husband is cheating on you, advertising his love for you on social media because he should his soul to the devil. One of the things they asked him to do is not to be inti with you or show u love privately but publicly. (1st angle ) or he is only showing you social media love, spending money on you because he doesn’t want to loose his job. He knows you can eo and undo his job right now. (2nd angle). I would advice you go physical and spiritually about this. Whichever way is two things your marriage is restore or you walk out. But i pray your marriage is restored.
    Note get more information about your school father. Find out what the reason. Behind his success and all.

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