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7 Parenting Mistakes You Never Want To Make (Part One)

7 Parenting Mistakes You Never Want To Make (Part One)

Ineh Olisah

Whatever parenting mistakes you have made in the past, learn from them and leave them right there where they belong – in the past. Going forward, these are 7 parenting mistakes that you want to avoid at all costs.

1. You Haven’t Protected Your Child From “Child Sexual Abuse”

Pedophilia is real. The number of cases we see everyday is. What is most scary is that these monsters could be found anywhere: in your home, at school, at a relative or a friend’s house. Are you doing everything you can to keep your child safe? Sadly, even family members aren’t exempt! Be vigilant and equip your children with age appropriate information on child sexual abuse.

2. You Allow Your Child Too Much Access To Social Media

In our world today everything is on the internet. The good, the bad, the ugly and the very ugly. Do not leave your children at the mercy of the internet. There is so much uncontrolled content that can mess up even an adult’s brain, how much more the easily impressionable mind of a child or a teenager. You got your child an iPhone, a laptop or a tab, it’s your responsibility to censor what they have access to. 

3. You Over Protect Your Child

Every parent wants their child to have a stressless and frustration free journey through life.

“I only want the best for my child,” they think. Have you considered that you may be protecting your child more than it is necessary? So how do we know when we’re going too far, and what the pitfalls are?

Discouraging your child from taking any risks, over controlling their friendships, failing to educate them about what real world is all about, offering too much sympathy to your child if something does not work out for them are by no means all but some of the pitfalls.

But if you actually succeed in keeping your child pure and unexposed, you face a much more potent risk: a child who grows up without learning how to evaluate, handle, and get past the occasional unexpected dose of one kind of junk or another.

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Sometimes, allow them fail. Yes, you heard me right. Failure comes with its own amazing benefits. Your children learns from their past mistakes and acquires a problem-solving skill. 

They can only learn to handle feelings of frustration if they get to experience frustration. Your role is to guide them and steer them in the right direction as you pray for them.


(To be continued)

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