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Nigerian Family Based In The US Filmed While Wife, Temidayo & MIL Engaged In This Absurd Act| Video

Nigerian Family Based In The US Filmed While Wife, Temidayo & MIL Engaged In This Absurd Act| Video

Some acts are just too absurd to see.

In a video going viral, a Nigerian family based in the US -comprising of mother-in law (husband’s mom), husband, wife and their daughter- could be seen in verbal attack. The altercation was between the MIL and her daughter-in law identified as Temidayo.

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In the video posted on Facebook by African Gossips, which allegedly, must have been recorded by Temidayo’s husband, his wife and mother could be heard hurling insults at each other.

The fight took place in the bathroom at their home in the US while Temidayo could be seen tending to her daughter in the bath tub. The duo hurled insults at each other while the daughter could be noticed crying. The husband could also be heard calling the duo to order but no one paid any attention to him. Temidayo actually charged at him to come and take his ‘unfortunate’ mother away from there.

At a point, Temidayo could be heard threatening her MIL with jail term while the woman could also be heard raining curses on her.

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Though the cause of the altercation was not spelt out but through their conversation, one could decipher that they’ve been at it for a while and the morning of the fight was just the climax.

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Many social media users, especially Nigerians, have criticized Temidayo for treating her MIL as was seen in the video; not sparing the man whom they called names for allowing his wife treat his mother so shabbily. A few however, stated that for Temidayo to have gone that length, the MIL must have really done bad to her.

Watch the video below:

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What are your views on it?

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