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Baby Recipe: Tropical Mango And Banana Puree

Baby Recipe: Tropical Mango And Banana Puree

Juicy, tropical mango and banana are gentle on little tummies, making them popular first foods. Pick out ripe, fragrant fruits for this fresh blend. You can make a only banana or only mango puree, depending on your preference.

Both fruits make great additions to vegetable purees to sweeten them up a little, or to stir into plain yogurt.

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This recipe is intended for babies 6 months and up.


1 banana
1 small mango


Step 1:

Peel the banana and mango. Stand the mango on end and slice down, just grazing the flat pit. Trim any remaining flesh from the pit and discard the pit. Cut the mango and banana into chunks.

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Step 2:

Transfer the fruit to a blender or food processor. Process the fruit to a very smooth or chunky puree, depending on your baby’s age and chewing ability. If needed, add a little water, breast milk, or formula to thin the puree.

Step 3:

Refrigerate the puree in an airtight container for up to three days, or freeze for up to three months.

(Storage tip: Spoon into ice-cube trays for single servings that are easy to thaw. Some discoloration may occur.)

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