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Late Little Beniah’s Father, Monday Agoboye Gives Back To Charity, Starts A Foundation In His Name

Late Little Beniah’s Father, Monday Agoboye Gives Back To Charity, Starts A Foundation In His Name

Recall the story of little Benaiah and his father, Monday Agoboye? The man whose son had health complications? The one who needed N15m but magnanimous Nigerians surpassed his expectations by giving N70m within 48 hours? Read up here, here, and here.

Well, the principal of KBK Foundation, the NGO that assisted in raising the N70m for Late little Benaiah, has given an update about the family”s latest feat via his Instagram page.

According to him, Agoboye has donated N25m to charity, and has decided to set up a foundation in Late Benaiah’s name amongst other laudable acts.

Giving a comprehensive update, KBK Foundation wrote:

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Here are the details:
*The said amount will be moved into a different account.(they’ve done that)
*At least five people will benefit from this gesture
*Most of them must be children .
*One of them must be a heart surgery patient in honor of Beniah. They agreed to this.
In fact they already paid for one heart surgery. The beneficiary is Desire (@whitesugarconcept ) daughter. I will be flying her to India this month
*They are setting up Beniahs foundation as we speak
*They will designate 2 members of the family to be in charge of funds.
*We will send a lot of people on the
surgery queue to them.
*They will take entries from other individuals and other foundations as well.
They will pay for which ever ones they approve.
We will be here posting all their gestures in the coming weeks.
I thank the Agoboyes for this move. It’s a very good one.
May lil Beniahs soul continue to rest in peace.

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Prior to this update, many people have questioned the integrity of the bereaved father but with this step, so many more are applauding him; singing new songs.

May little Benaiah’s soul rest in peace.

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