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Nigerian Man Recounts How He Changed His Mother’s Story Following Her Emotional Sacrifices

Nigerian Man Recounts How He Changed His Mother’s Story Following Her Emotional Sacrifices

In a lengthy but worth reading post, a Nigerian man based in the U.S took to Twitter to narrate a moving story of how being able to take care of his selfless, prayerful and hard working mom -after all her sacrifices to him while growing up- makes him feel like a billionaire.

The young man with twitter handle Legendary Soul @IamEtubo, who claims he is not rich but fulfilled to be able to take care of his mom, told a soul-stirring story of how his mom did ‘demeaning’ menial jobs and was cheated while at it, just to provide for his demand. He concluded his story by stating that though he is not Mike Adenuga, but having small money and doing the right thing with it makes him feel like a billionaire.

He admonished people to take care of those who deserves to be taken care of, to surround themselves with those who helped them in their time of needs, and not to ridicule people.

Read his full story below:

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“So, I remember one time my grown ass self shed tears like a baby in public. THREAD!”

“It was a Friday afternoon in school (Moshood Abiola Poly). As man wey dey hustle. I go home every Friday and return every Sunday evening. So I called my mom. No answer.. I’m like “wo! I will see you when I get home”

“I tried her number on my way to Lagos and still momsee didn’t answer. I’m like WTF?! Is something wrong? The last time I called her 3 hours ago. Normally, she for don return calls naw. So I called my little sister. She said mom wasn’t home when she returned from school.”

“I’m like okay. So finally I got home. Momsee still wasn’t home. I’m like haha! She isn’t answering her calls either. So, I asked around.. I’m like Shey ona see momsee? Finally someone said she left around 8:00am carrying a “poly bag”.. I’m like “where she come go?””

“Finally, she returned my call and was like “ my son, I’m sorry. I have been busy” I was furious at this point and I’m like “ for the past 8hrs. What have you been doing? In fact where are you?” She was reluctant to tell me where she was. I’m like momsee, I will track you down o!”

“Where are you now?” I became calm so she could tell me where she was. She still didn’t. I was like “mom, are you in trouble? Are you okay? Please now tell me what’s going on?” She is like I am fine. I will see you at home soon. I said NO! Tell me where you are.”

“She finally gave me the address. I Called bike….. I sha got there. It was a small dirty BUKA … For y’all that don’t know what it means (local Amala joint). So I saw my mom come out of the buka… I’m like “didn’t she cook at home? What is she doing here?””

“I felt strange, I’m like “what are you doing here?” The look on my mom’s face was depressing.. I said are you okay? “I have never seen my mom that dirty” she didn’t utter any word.. I was getting angry again. I don carry phone won call guys make we scatter place small. My momsy!”

“So finally she said “oko mi (my husband), I’m fine” so I hung up and I’m like so what happened to you. In fact let’s go home so we can talk about this because it looks like you won’t be telling me for a while. She said “No, I’m waiting for someone” About 10 seconds later….”

“A lady came out and handed my mom #250. I asked her, what money is this? GUYS! My mom did dishes from 8:30am- 9:30pm for #250.”

“Lmfao! It’s funny right now. But it wasn’t at that time. I’m like… Chai!! So, I sat on the floor, at this time my mom was the one begging me to leave. I asked that woman… I’m like why would you give this woman #250 for doing that much work for you. She responded..”

“Oga see shop. Market no dey! Tears roll down my eyes. I held my moms hands. Felt weird. What do I expect, she been doing dishes for God knows how many hours.”

“Just so you know, I have never met anyone as prayerful as my mom. Ask people who know her personally. My mom would fast everyday, go to church, go to vigil for 40 nights walking to church without missing any day. Do vigils at home when she isn’t at Church.”

“I was on the road asking GOD. GOD why? Hasn’t this woman done enough for you? She hardly eats. Out of this #250, I’m sure she already took out your tithe even before thinking about herself.”

“Before that day I had ask my mom for some money and she responded she would send in few days. I called bike to take her home and walked home. I was crying like a baby. I’m like “my mom? Which kind pikin I be?”

“I couldn’t even look at her in the face when I got home. I was still crying. I didn’t even know how I got home. I was just walking. ????????‍♂️. I got home and she said “this is the money you asked for, #1500, that’s all I can get I’m sorry” it was bunch of #20,#50 and #100 notes”

“I’m like “mom have you eaten?” She said yes I ate in the morning. This woman. You will kill yourself o! I couldn’t even sleep sef I was just surprised. I’m like “mommy?!” I’m sure I pronounced that word about 2k times before day break”

“I was a hard worker, I worked harder. And I said it doesn’t matter how much I work.. This woman doesn’t deserve this. No no no! Long story short…..”

“Most people still remember this picture because it was all over the internet when I posted it. That was me receiving her in St Louis International Airport in the US. I’m not rich, but my mom isn’t washing plates anymore. She eats well and I provide for her.”

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“If you are out there and you think there is no way. THERE IS A WAY. Invest in your skills, work hard, work smart and pray. Don’t give up please. I know it’s hard. It really is but keep going. The little strength you have left please keep it going. GOD BLESS!”

“Pay less attention to distractions. Don’t spend all your time on this platform if you ain’t benefiting from it. Stop wasting your time over unnecessary things. Be strong!”

“This was her 58th birthday. 2 of the pictures has the legendary in it. Of course she cried (tears of joy) because it was a little surprise party.”

“Different things make people happy or feel they have achieved something in life. I’m not even there yet, but the feelings I have, knowing I have at least done something for this woman. She is in Nigeria now, but we have been arguing back and forth on when she wants to come back.”

“Mama will be like “ha! Mi o ti fe padawa bayi, Otutu yen to poju. Mo ma duro di igba summer (ha! It’s too cold right now over there, I’d rather wait till summer to come back to US” she can fly plane anytime she feels.”

“I’m not MIKE ADENUGA. But having small money and doing the right thing with it will make you have the MIKE ADENUGA feeling. Take care of those who deserve it. Surround yourself with those who helped you and struggled with you. Don’t ridicule people.”

“Treat people with respect. Don’t belittle people’s effort. Have some manners. Pay your bills, cut your coat according to your size. And don’t forget to chop life when you can. Life is too short ????

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