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Expectant Dad Raises Alarm After Wife Stops Him From Knowing The Gender Of Their Unborn Child, Says It’s Not Her Call

Expectant Dad Raises Alarm After Wife Stops Him From Knowing The Gender Of Their Unborn Child, Says It’s Not Her Call

When it comes to knowing the gender of an unborn child, who makes the call? The expectant dad or the pregnant mom?

The decision to find out the gender of their unborn child before birth has caused a major rift in a family, with the expectant dad seriously ticked that his wife won’t allow him know if he’s going to have a son or a daughter ahead of the delivery day.

The frustrated dad-of-1 wrote to an advice column: ‘Dear Care and Feeding’ to seek wisdom on how to handle the situation.

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The baffled dad requested to know if his wife was right to deny him of finding out about the gender of their child ahead of the delivery day.

He wrote:

“Chatting with family on the phone, I said I wanted to know, and my wife said she wasn’t sure — that she was thinking about being surprised — and made a joke about how the gynecologist wasn’t going to tell me without her permission.”

But unfortunately for him, his wife wasn’t joking. She became adamant that the couple make the decision together to learn the baby’s gender.

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“I’m pretty firmly on the side of wanting to know, since it seems like one less uncertain thing in a process with a lot of uncertainty. I didn’t like the feeling that she was making the decision for me. It doesn’t seem to me like that big of a deal if I know and she doesn’t. But to her, that feels like I’m the one deciding for both of us — that I’ve made up my mind to know regardless of what she thinks. We left the situation unresolved, and I’d be interested in hearing what you think.”

Care and Feeding
In response to the anguished dad, some people opined that his wife was controlling and he must take charge of the situation.
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Another person felt it was completely nuts not to know your baby’s gender before birth:
“The fact that some people just don’t want to know the sex of their baby is utterly incomprehensible to me. I’m not even kidding with how shocking I find this bizarre notion of voluntary ignorance; I would sooner sympathize with the urge to eat subway garbage than I could possibly understand the urge to keep something so fundamental a ‘surprise.”
Some other people disagreed. They felt the dad needed to back off and respect his wife’s decision. These people argued that the man needed to cut his wife some slack. She was growing a whole human inside of her, and if she wants to be surprised about the gender of their baby he should just give her that.
Someone insinuated that the man has no idea of what his wife was going through saying:
advice column comment

“She’s the one growing an (expletive) human. Men can suck it.”

“OMG … quit your whining you don’t know the baby’s gender … it’s not like she’s ignoring the CVS/amniocentesis test. Besides, A happy wife is a happy life … and an unhappy pregnant wife is gonna come back to you over and again.”

What’s your take on this?

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