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Mom, Cassey Teller’s 5 Daughters Looked On As She Births Daughter No 6 And The Moment Was Beautiful| Photos

Mom, Cassey Teller’s 5 Daughters Looked On As She Births Daughter No 6 And The Moment Was Beautiful| Photos

Mom, Casey Teller says she didn’t always know she wanted a big family; but all that all changed once she started having kids. She enthused:

“Each one brings so much joy to our family.”

And that joy is now times six after the arrival of Teller’s sixth daughter, Tallulah Moon, at her home in Virginia. The beautiful home birth was photographed by Rebecca Burt Photography, and she did a good job capturing every moment.

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Teller recounts the moment to Cafemom:

“Labor for this girl was crazy.I had contractions for two days before the day she was born — all irregular and far apart. When we finally decided it was real, my midwives came around 8 a.m. and [Talullah] was born 4.5 hours later.”

On inviting a birth photographer to capture each moment for her:

“I have never had a [birth] photographer, and honestly I am very picky about having a lot of people in my birth space. But looking back now, I am so glad I did. She did amazing and I barely even knew there was an extra person there. Having those pictures means so much to me.”

The best part of Teller’s story was that she was surrounded by her previous five daughters as she brought forth another.

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The girls –Audrey, 12, Ella, 10, Lillian, 7, Zolie, 4, and Zuri, 2, looked on in awe while their mom gave birth to their sister, Talullah.

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“The girls being there is so important to me. I have always felt like we are welcoming a new person into our family, [so] why would I not have the whole family there? They always react the same, so excited and in love with the new baby. Our youngest is usually 2 when a new baby comes, and we talk about it so much they are always so amazed by seeing birth. And this time our oldest was 12 and she cried because she was so happy.”

See photos of the moment below:

Casey Teller holds her new baby as daughters help clean her off.

Casey Teller holds her newborn in the bathtub.

On if they were surprised it was another girl:

“We did know we were having a girl, but that’s more than okay with us. We were not trying for a boy! We are all over the moon, beyond happy to have this sweet girl in our family.”

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