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Are Physical & Emotional Abuse Grounds For Divorce? – Read Reno Omokri’s Opinion On The Matter

Are Physical & Emotional Abuse Grounds For Divorce? – Read Reno Omokri’s Opinion On The Matter

While emotional abuse differs from physical abuse, the end result is the same…a spouse becomes fearful of their partner and begins to change their behaviors to keep their partner happy.

Emotional and physical abuse is used to control, degrade, humiliate and punish a spouse. Emotional abuse in a marriage is such a covert form of domestic violence and abuse that many people aren’t able to recognize they are a victim.

A spouse may have a feeling that something is wrong. They may feel stressed out; a sense of depression; anxiety but they can’t quite identify what is causing those feelings.

Former media aide, Reno Omokri, has downplayed the role of domestic violence in the issue of divorce. In recent Instagram post, the dad-of-3, who is arguably one of the most opinionated, said physical and emotional abuse are not grounds for divorce but for separation.

Reno also advised intending couples to opt for courtship instead of dating which is just an avenue for love making.

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”Dear men, it is a husband’s duty to get a house and the wife’s job to transform it into a home. Money buy houses, but love makes it a home. That is why you should marry a loving woman, not just a beautiful one. A home needs love more than beauty.

And when you marry, remember that ‪physical/emotional abuse are grounds for SEPARATION, NOT DIVORCE. That is why you should COURT before you marry, not DATE.

Dating is a hookup for sex. Courting is a PROCESS to determine compatibility for marriage.

Whether or not you are in ministry, infidelity is the ONLY ground for divorce. But if you can forgive the infidelity, then forgiveness is preferable to divorce. If you cant forgive, then do what Joseph planned to do to Mary before God’s intervention-QUIETLY divorce and move on.

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The public doesn’t need to know who is sleeping with your pastor/Prophet husband or your wife. Even more than the public, your children don’t need to know that. You are messing with their minds. Love them enough to cover a multitude of sins between you and your wife #RenosNuggets.”

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