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Beauty: 6 MakeUp Essentials For New Mums

Beauty: 6 MakeUp Essentials For New Mums

Having a baby is amazing but it will change your life. Being a new mum will dramatically cut down on the amount of time you spend on yourself, your baby is needy and totally dependent, stuff like makeup naturally takes the backseat.

There simply is not enough time to invest in wearing makeup as you used to, plus the inclination may even just fizzle out as you get accustomed to your mummy duties. Instead of giving up, try stocking up on some easy to use makeup essentials.

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Find list of 6 essentials below;

1. Tinted Moisturiser With SPF:

more commonly called ‘foundation’ here. As the name suggests, they lay the base for the rest of your makeup. I doubt very much you will have a lot of time applying the foundation when you are a new mum.

You should consider going for a tinted moisturiser with SPF, it is lighter than foundation and simpler to apply. If you prefer a medium to full coverage for specific occasions, I would suggest a foundation.

Many choice beauty brands make tinted moisturisers with SPF to protect your facial skin from damaging sun rays.

2. Concealer

Most mums have skin patches and discoloration during pregnancy that takes a while to clear even after birth.  A concealer is  must have to keep your shine.

You are not getting all the sleep you need, so many mums find that they may find that their eyes look tired and dull with dark under circles.  A good concealer can help brighten your face and cover any imperfections or blemishes that you wish to hide, it also keeps comments such as “you look tired” at bay.

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3. Powder

A translucent powder is a good investment to help keep your skin matte and shine free, especially if your skin has a tendency to be oily. Easy to use; no fuss, no drama, just soft appeal.

4. Eyeliner

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The eyes are a window to the soul, if the eyes are popping and defined , it changes the whole appearance. What an eyeliner gives you is definition .

During the day,  it can help your eyes to make you look more awake and if you are going o an evening date with your spouse, eyliner can add depth to the eyes highlighting them in the night lights.

5. Lipstick

I don’t think it will ever be cool for any lady, whether they are a new mum or not to not have a lipstick handy! You should have a variety of lip-stain shades.

Soft pink or nude are quite versatile and will go with any outfit or occasion. But feeling sexy sometimes means breaking a bold pepper-red or bold pink as well.

6. Eye Shadow

It’s all about the eyes, isn’t it? Eye shadow make the wearer’s eyes stand out and and appear more attractive. Nobody is going to guess your mummy struggles with the perfect eye shadow along with other makeup essentials.

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