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Can Pineapple Really Make You Taste Sweeter Down There?

Can Pineapple Really Make You Taste Sweeter Down There?

A lot of women obsess with information on how to keep their vaginas healthy which is a good thing. Many more women are seeking natural options to make their sensitive part smell and even taste sweeter which is still a great idea. Out of the many natural foods that have been touted to cause the vagina to smell and even taste sweet,  the pineapple appears to frequently make an appearance. If the subject is so important to women, we figured we would do a little research on this fused fruit and here’s what we found.

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Pineapples are an incredibly delicious tropical fruit. Vitamins and enzymes rich, they help to eliminate toxins and boost the immune system among many other benefits. Since everyone agrees that we are what we eat, it is totally plausible that pineapples can affect our bodily secretions, including those of the vagina and many materials we found seem to agree.


The vagina has its own natural smell that is not unpleasant, but pungent foods like garlic are broken down by the body into pungent chemical compounds that linger in our blood until they are released  in our breath, sweat, and urine.

What you eat can definitely have an impact on the way Your vagina smells. If you eat strong-smelling foods such as onions and garlics, it can lead to a pungent smelling vagina. On the contrary, if you eat sweet foods like pineapple, your vagina is likely to smell better, if it smells better, it probably tastes better if that’s what you are aiming for.


If pineapple can make the vagina smell and taste better, then for how long would that be? Most assertions point in the direction of 48 hours before the sweetness of the pineapple wears off and your vagina returns to its usual state in terms of smell and taste.

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While all of the above may sound promising, unfortunately, no research exists to definitively answer the question of whether pineapple sweetens the taste of your private parts.

Still if you are devoted to having a sweet smelling vagina, you can gulp down pineapples more often, at least we are sure of one theory- we are what we it.

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