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9 Stress Relief Tips For Pregnant Women

9 Stress Relief Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is an amazing and fulfilling experience, it does however come with its own fair share of stress. With all the bodily changes you are going through, it is not out of place that you may be feeling stressed every now and then. If you are feeling stressed once in a while, it is unlikely that it will cause any harm to your unborn baby.

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Some pregnant women however experience prolonged high levels of stress which makes them more susceptible to risks of  a high high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, a preterm birth or low weight baby.

Find tips below to help you stay calm and relaxed during your pregnancy:

1. Focus on your baby

Take your time to enjoy the journey and focus on your baby. Your baby can hear your voice from about 23 weeks, so talk with, sing and read to your bump. It is a great way to bond with your baby before it arrives, and may help you feel more positive about your pregnancy.

2. Rest 

Listen to your body. Adjust your activities according to how you are feeling. Don’t bite more than you can chew at work; at home do not over labour yourself with chores, especially those that leave you spent.

3. Healthy Bites

Eating well is good for your brain, your body and your baby. Make sure you eat regular meals even though you should bear in mind you are not eating for two in the literal sense.

Fill up with healthy snacks in between meals in small portions and be sure you are getting your recommended six to eight glasses a day.

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4. Talk To Someone

If you have concerns about yourself, your growing bump, or have a personal problem, confide in someone. You can talk with your spouse, midwife, other mothers who can relate to what you are feeling. It may seem like the barest minimum but it can be really useful to and soothing.

5. Exercise

Light exercises are good for your reducing stress and common pregnancy discomforts. You should also consider getting regular massages (ask your spouse to help with that).

You’ll be surprised how regular exercise soothe your nerves and relief your pregnancy-induced backache . In addition, regular exercise helps with proper blood circulation and fosters a good night’s sleep.

6. Practice Deep Breathing

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Deep breathing does not only help when you are trying to push, it also helps you de-stress, stay calm and relaxed.When you are upset or stressed, take deep breaths before you react and you will be able to respond in a much calmer and controlled manner.

7. Treat Yourself

Laughter indeed is the best medicine. Treat yourself to a spa day with your sister or bestie, go see a movie, hang out with your friends, just excite yourself. Your spirit will be completely lifted at the end of the day and other mums said it worked great for them during their pregnancy. Be nice to yourself. You deserve it.

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8. Sort Out Money Worries

Sorting money worries could also mean getting organised.  Nothing will keep your mind at rest after knowing you and your baby are fine like knowing you have sorted out everything you need to ahead of delivery.

Not only will it take stress off you, it also helps you feel in charge, tick the list of items to buy and set aside your hospital bill fees.

9. Prepare For The Birth

Read and ask about what happens during birth and draw your own inferences, since no two births are the same and some scenarios may have also been exaggerated or downplayed, depending on whom you are talking with. Your midwife may be a suitable person to prepare you with information you require.

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