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Dear MIMsters: Just When I Thought We Were Having A Wedding, This Happened

Dear MIMsters: Just When I Thought We Were Having A Wedding, This Happened

I am a single mum of a boy and a girl whom I had with my ex husband. The father of my kids and I got divorced 5 years ago, specifically on June 26, 2015. This was done through the traditional way, which was to return the bride price and break the calabash. We never had a white wedding.
Now, I have a suitor who I told about my first marriage and he is also aware of my kids and has accepted them. He loves me and my children so much but there is a problem.
His family has come for the official introduction and our traditional & white wedding have been scheduled to hold on May 12, 2019. I have made so many preparations towards this including printing of invitation cards. But yesterday, my fiancé informed me of new developments.
When he proposed, I asked him if his parents are aware that I am single mum and he said no. I asked him what if they get to find out and kick against us getting married, what will we do? He said that they won’t find out and that he is not going to tell them until after our wedding. But, lo & behold, my father in-law to be went behind our back to my village to inquire about my family and some villagers gave him wrong information about me.
They told father-in-law that I am married with  they 2 kids and my husband lives abroad. They told him that don’t know the reason why I couldn’t wait for my abroad husband to come back and now I want to go and marry again while still being married to another guy.
Now, My father in-law has said that the wedding will not take place. To be sincere with you, my ex does not even live anywhere outside the country. In fact, he lives in Owerri and is happily married to another woman whom he wedded, 6 months after our divorce. I don’t know why some wicked village people don’t want me to be happy in this life. My fiancé has told me not to panic, that he will try to convince his dad. Even though he has now told his father the whole truth about my previous marriage, his dad still doesn’t want to change his mind.
Meanwhile, I am pregnant, precisely, one month gone. This is the reason why my fiancé want us to wed as soon as possible. Due to this recent development, I told him that we should abort the pregnancy while we wait for his Dad to change his mind. (I know this would be very wrong but that’s all I can think of now). My fiancé insists I keep the pregnancy, that I should not touch his baby.
I really don’t what to do, hence the need for your advice.
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