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Dear MIMsters: My Husband Who Says He Curses The Day He Met Me Was Miserly With The Whole Truth

Dear MIMsters: My Husband Who Says He Curses The Day He Met Me Was Miserly With The Whole Truth

Do you remember the story of the man who says he curses the day he met his wife? The man who accused his wife, Susan and their only child together, Andy, of scamming him? You don’t?! Well, here’s the link to the story. (Read Here)

Below is Susan’s response to her husband’s allegations. Enjoy!

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How self-righteous can you be, Victor after all you did to me? Now, since you chose to bring our family issue to the whole world through MIM, I will not hold back from telling how irresponsible you are to me as a husband. You lying two-timing evil man!

Everything Victor wrote in his story is true but he ‘forgot’ to write how we both got there. Victor promised me ‘heaven on earth’ when he asked me to marry him. I out-did myself to get him that contract in my office and as at then, he made a profit of over five hundred thousand Naira. That was in 1999 but did he appreciate what I did for him? Even though almost all my colleagues demanded for bribe from him, and at some point, he had to oblige them in order to scale through some hurdles but he took me for granted. Not only did Victor not give me a dime out of the profit he made, he went ahead to ask for my hand in marriage as a compensation. He thought he was wise and that makes me laugh all the time. Victor did not marry me because he loved me! He married me so that he would continue to get deals from my office. I was seating atop a desk where contract approval took place steadily and I was a desperate single woman. I was nice to every man that came into my office hoping that one of them would see something good in me and ask for my hand in marriage. And yes, Victor did but for all the wrong reasons.

Like I said, I was desperate to get married and as at then, I did not mind being used too but there is always a limit to what anyone would accept.

Victor used me to get many contracts from my office but never gave me out of the profits he made. He would keep lots of money in my account but would never ask for my personal needs. Victor is a very stingy man so I devised a way to get money out of him and he made it easy for me.

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Why did you ask me to leave my job? Was it not because I was transferred from my desk to a less lucrative position? Did you not cheat on me with the new person placed on that desk? Do you think I did not know about it? I took it all in in my strides and you have the guts to curse the day you met me?

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When Victor opened the first boutique for me, he reduced the house allowance and asked me to augment from my business yet he expects a miracle from me. The 250k he mentioned was from a deal I got for him in my office yet he did not think I deserved to get out of it. Of course, I diverted the funds and told him I couldn’t explain what happened to it.

Victor was not only stingy towards me, he was a chronic womanizer. He cheated on me severally and I pretended like I did not know about it all. Tell me, what sane woman would ‘eat’ the money meant for her treatment? He talked about the money he gave me for IVF. Of course, I do not plan to have another child with a useless man like Victor. He also talked about Andy’s school scam, well, that is true. It was all part of the ploy to milk Victor dry. Andy is not a child, he sees all his father does to me and we are in it together. Victor dumped my son and I in Europe and returned to Nigeria to gallivant the streets with other women. As I speak, Victor has 2 other children with two other women but he thinks I do not know about it. The issue in Europe has been resolved, it was a misrepresentation. Andy and I have been cleared and we would be going back soon. My son has an admission now, and school will start for him once we get back to Europe. My family is aware of all you did to us and I have instructed them to return the bride-price to you. If you wish, reject it but as for me, I have moved on. You are a wicked man who derives joy in painting me black but forgets to come to terms with his own bad habits. Many of our friends and family members whom you bad mouthed me to have called to ask me why I scammed you and I have told them to go back and ask you why you cheated on me.

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I am done with you, Victor. Enjoy your miserable life with your lowlife girlfriends.

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  • Let me summarise:
    1. You were desperate and just waiting for the right mugu to come along and marry you. And that you never put out to other guys that came looking for contracts, who then test drove you and then waka.
    2. And here comes the sucker.
    3.He opened over 4 businesses for you that went south. And whilst operating those businesses you did not feel to use some of the proceeds from the business to support yourself and need. Eh kwa?
    4. You and “your” son scammed your husband for 3-4 years of the money for your upkeed and the lad”university fees. My emphasis on your son, go figure!
    5. Whilst in Europe you and your son were caught 419ing and deported.
    5. You claimed that your husband was womanising in Nigeria whereas you kept you punnani strictly intact with a chastity belt. Commot for road ojare!

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