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From Lime to Lemonde: Life Journey Of Iyanu Tinubu, Living With Sickle Cell Will Inspire You To Look Beyond Your Present Condition

From Lime to Lemonde: Life Journey Of Iyanu Tinubu, Living With Sickle Cell Will Inspire You To Look Beyond Your Present Condition

If anything is worth sharing, it’s this! What an amazing young woman! Iyanu Tinubu, a Nigerian teenager has become an inspiration to many sickle cell patients after sharing her painful journey so far.

In an Instagram post, the teenager spoke about how she has finally embraced her condition after so many years of complaint with no answer.

For the past 15 years, she had always questioned God why He would choose her to go through such pains. Iyanuoluwa added that each time she fell sick and in pain, she would beg God to take her life because the pain was too much for her to bear.

Interestingly, Iyanuoluwa has turned her lime into lemonade saying being a sickle cell patient doesn’t define who she is.

Read her story below and be inspired…

“I AM A SICKLE CELL WARRIOR!! Yes, a warrior! Not a patient because I have fought and have won.???????? For the first time in years, I have the confidence to actually share this.

For the past 18 years, ever since I knew I have sickle cell disorder, I always had this notion that I WAS GONNA DIE SOON. Like every time I am sick, I just pray to God. “Please take me away instead, this pain is too much for me to handle.”

My mum will always cry. My parents felt guilty. I would always question God “WHY ME?? Out of everybody, why me?” For the past 15 years, I complained and I never got an answer.

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Never complain to God. After a while, I realized that God does everything for a purpose. I know he has a purpose for me and for you too, so don’t grumble. Be patient.


But there is nothing I can do about it. There is no point being sad or depressed about it.

HOW DO I STAY HAPPY? I don’t know!! I am just always happy because I am alive.

HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF MYSELF?? Hmm, God helps but I also do my part by taking my drugs, regular checkup, doing the right thing etc.

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In secondary school and first year in the university, I had this compartment of my bag that was for drugs alone. It smelt like hospital. I was so ashamed opening that part cause I didn’t want people to ask me “Why are you using drugs?? ” Are you sick??” I hated those questions cause I didn’t want to be treated as a weak child.???????? DO I HAVE ANY FEARS??

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Obviously I do. I am scared that I might not achieve all I want to do. I am scared that I might not marry. I am scared of being pushed aside. I am scared of being left alone but do I really care?? Not really. I am just living in the moment. I am just looking at where God is taking me to and where life is taking me to.

Being a sickle cell warrior doesn’t define who I am and who I am gonna be. So whatever you are going through now doesn’t define you.”

We are proud of you girl. You are an inspiration!

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