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Veteran Actress Eucharia Anunobi On Building Marital Success: ‘Never marry out of pity’

Veteran Actress Eucharia Anunobi On Building Marital Success: ‘Never marry out of pity’

For many youths today who are considering taking the sacred “journey to forever” called marriage, veteran Nollywood star and preacher, Eucharia Anunobi, has outlined some tips which she believes are a necessity in order to make a success out of it.

According to the actress and associate pastor of the Fresh Oil Ministry International Church, Lagos, people should never marry out of pity or sympathy as that is one of the major reasons a lot of people are having problems in their marriages.

She went further to advice young couples to never pick on every issue that crops up in their relationship. In her opinion, pursuing every statement to prove a point, makes you petty. She said:


Whatever character trait/s you notice while courting, that you are not comfortable with in your ‘intended ‘ it is very unlikely to be changed after the wedding.

All of us have innate behavioral traits that are part of our being – persona. Compatibility and not compromise is one of the essential keys to a successful marriage. Be guided. Be wise. A leopard never changes it’s spot. Proverbs 4:7, Ecclessiates 7:8.


A few hot kisses, an attractive carriage /look, the rush of adrenaline at the sound of the voice of a lover, sexual prowess, the clout of status, etc, can’t be the only foundation of marriage.

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But rather of two people who will meet and fill up the missing pieces of their lives, having mutual respect for each other, helping each other to become the best in all that they do, not looking for a way out of the relationship at the slightest provocation, willing to forgive each quickly, not looking for a better partner outside because there’s no better person outside.

You’ polish ‘ your partner to become what you want, not bowing out when pressures /storms hit their union, being responsible in and out of season, taking out time regularly to re-evaluate their union, talk as often as possible to avoid being misinterpreted, be financially, sexually and morally responsible. Never comparing their relationship with others Etc. Above all having the – GOD FACTOR – as their wand of power.

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Never pick on every issue that crops up in your relationship. Pursuing every statement to prove a point, makes you petty. If God were to count our sins, none will stand : Psalm 130 : 3 – 4.

Let some things slide. Pretend you never saw them. That’s another key to a peaceful co – existence (marriage) ???? #God‘sowndiva #kingdominfluencer# kingdomgoddess #Jesushandmaid#Apostolicend-timereformer.”

Recall in December 2000, Anunobi got married to a man identified as Charles Ekwu. Nine years later, they got divorced.

The actress says their marriage broke down due to his betrayal with a housemaid and lack of parental responsibility. During the course of their marriage, she gave birth to a boy, Raymond Ekwu. On August 22, 2017, Raymond who was 15 at the time, passed on due to complications from Sickle Cell Anemia.

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