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Nine Women Narrate The Disheartening Story Of Domestic Abuse Endured During Their Unwanted Pregnancies

Nine Women Narrate The Disheartening Story Of Domestic Abuse Endured During Their Unwanted Pregnancies

An overwhelming number of victims of domestic abuse are female. Pregnancy does not protect against this phenomenon, which may have adverse health outcomes for both the mother and the newborn. We are shocked by the stories of these pregnant women who revealed the extent of violence by their abusive partners all in a bid to abort their unwanted pregnancies. Nine women shared their stories on twitter, detailing the physical and emotional abuse they suffered.

Read the tweets below…

The Other Heather (@pinklady_ktown)

When I told my partner I was pregnant, he took me to the woods and beat me. He said “Kill it or I will kill you next time” He left me there to walk home. I knew he was telling the truth. I had an abortion a few weeks later. You have no clue what women go through.

I was not celebrating the joy of this pregnancy either. This was not my first beating. I did not tell this because I regret having an abortion. I told this because people have no fucking clue what goes on behind closed doors.

Bomboma Jackie (@JackieBomboma1)

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Blaire Oellig (@BKOellig)


Elizabeth Ervin (@Crazygirlblogg

I had a man walk me through his property to inform me they would never find my body if I didn’t have an abortion. I knew he meant it too. Wow. Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry that happened to you.

The man who walked me through his property had never been violent with me. He never demonstrated violence until that day. But hey, thanks for playing.

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Nobody (@randombiker64) 

My stepdad threw my mom across the living room and she lost my little sister the next day and we were told that he would kill us both if we said anything. We believed him. My mother took it to her grave. He molested me,and beat me. Some of us do know. I found peace with my wife.

???????????? (@PurpleRuby8) 

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