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Ex-Presidential Aide & Pastor, Reno Omokri Sparks Twitter Debate With His Opinion On Church Wedding

Ex-Presidential Aide & Pastor, Reno Omokri Sparks Twitter Debate With His Opinion On Church Wedding

Undoubtedly, one of the most controversial social commentator in Nigeria is 45-year old Lawyer, author, pastor and political juggernaut, Bemigho Reno Omokri.

Reno, who is arguably one of the most opinionated, versed and formidable young Nigerian men, had in time past aired his opinion on issues ranging from religious matters, to a woman’s virginity, to a woman’s choice of wear on her wedding day, to infidelity, to parenting, etc.

In one of his most recent #RenosNuggets, the former spokesperson to Nigerian former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, sparked a debate online after sharing a lengthy post where he tried to prove that church weddings are not biblical but are instead of European origin.

In his post, the rather controversial writer known for airing his views on concepts and institutions practiced and upheld in society, quoted bible verses which he used to emphasize that church weddings are not compulsory and are not biblical.

Omokri, married dad-of-three further expanded on what a true biblical wedding is. He buttressed his point with an example in the bible and emphasized that the ways of God are simple and not easy. Church weddings thus fails the lithium test of ‘simple and not easy’.

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Read his full post below and join the debate…

”1 -I was teaching on biblical marriage and I told my listeners that the ‘White Wedding’ being practiced by many Christians is not biblical. It is EUROPEAN. I gave an example of how SIMPLE biblical marriage is by quoting Genesis 24:67 ?

2 -Genesis 24:67 reads “Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and took Rebekah and she became his wife”. This is the textbook example of how simple biblical marriages should be ?

3 -Biblical marriage occurs when there is consent between two adults, who don’t have consanguinity (siblings, first cousins) and with the knowledge (not consent) of both parents, for the purpose of life long matrimony. Things of God are SIMPLE but not EASY

4 -Someone asked if we should follow that example, since Isaac was a Jew, not a Christian. This ignorance occurs because we don’t study our Bible. Christianity is a branch of Judaism. It was NOT Jesus or His disciples that came up with the name CHRISTIAN ?

6 -Romans 11:24 teaches that we, gentile believers (Christians), have been grafted, contrary to nature (meaning that it‘s spiritual) into the Jewish nation. The word ‘Christian’ is an aberration, just like many abominations we have accepted into the faith ?
7 -Finally, I urge you my readers to discover your religion for yourself. STUDY the BIBLE. Don’t just take everything the European missionaries taught about Christianity hook, line and sinker. The truth is in your Bible ?”

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Most of social media users who read his posts sought more explanation while some others agreed that church weddings are not of God. See reactions below:

 White weddings are not biblical but not against God’s laws. The bible does not give a rule on how weddings should be conducted. Jacob served Laban 14 yrs to have his daughters – according to Laban’s demand. Jacob did not object. Jesus attended a wedding in Canaan where he turned……water to wine.
God gave humans a liberty to choose what they want but at the same time, expect us to make choices with his laws, principles and standards in mind. On marriages, there are NO RULES. We were only told to marry “only in the Lord”(1Corinthians 7:39).

 The Truth About The Whole Thing Is Our Sense Of Reasoning, The Whites We Are Copying Today Conducts One Wedding, but we chose three, tradition, court, and church, hear me very well brethren, if you are a Christian and you want to get married today, once you are done with your Traditional marriage, you proceed to church for what I called “marriage blessing” not wedding, then your is blessed by God himself and that is all, take your wife home brother.

 I only recognized two wedding . 1) traditional wedding because families are important. 2) court wedding because of government approval. Both were confirmed in the Bible. Am not interested in Church or Nikahi wedding because certificate issue has no value is just for notice me.

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