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Nigerian Singer, Simi, and Ghanaian Counselor, Dr. Charlotte Oduro, Go Back And Forth On What A Cheating Husband Deserves

Nigerian Singer, Simi, and Ghanaian Counselor, Dr. Charlotte Oduro, Go Back And Forth On What A Cheating Husband Deserves

Nigerian songstress, Simisola Ogunleye, popularly known as Simi, was all over the news last week after she responded angrily to a Ghanaian counsellor who admonished women to dote on their cheating husbands.

The counselor,  Lady Rev Dr. Charlotte Oduro, during a show on Hitz FM, vehemently rebuked women who make it a habit to be suspicious of their men and are always finding ways to catch them cheating.

“If you are reasonable and you are working, he is cheating, let him cheat. When he is done cheating , he’ll come because you are too busy taking care of him and making sure he dresses well.

Marriage needs a lot of sacrifice, women we need to learn this.

Men have ego, you can’t change it, that’s the way they are, women need to submit, give him that respect … work, let him cheat when he’s tired he’ll come.

Women stop being suspicious, leave him, do your part as a woman in your home.”

Dr Charlotte Oduro advised.

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Simi in response to the advice described Dr. Oduro as someone who is not sound, for advising women to pamper their cheating men to save their marriage. In reaction to the video which went viral, Simi wrote;

“ori eleyi o ma pe ke. And the idiots cheering her on, gbogbo yin ma go ke. If you a woman and genuinely feel this way pls raise ur hand i want to tell you something

The counselor has however responded to angry Simi’s message during a live interview on Radio. She also elaborated on her reason for giving that advice.

She said,

I dont blame her. Ive been married for 11 years, i’ve seen relationships, I’ve gone through them but I will not lose my husband to any woman.

Maybe the fault is coming from you, maybe my husband has got history from his background, we need to deal with this thing carefully.

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People should not just sit there and get angry because they have pains. You have pains doesn’t mean you should channel your pain to become a revenge on somebody.

If the man makes mistakes, you are his helpmate, women should get this right…the Bible says.

…So he cheated on you today, you divorce…the next man can also do the same…let’s help to get a solution to men that cheat.

Watch video of Oduro’s response to Simi below:


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