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Sickle Cell Warrior And Advocate, Ridwan Adewale, Shares 3 Practical Tips On How He Survives The Condition

Sickle Cell Warrior And Advocate, Ridwan Adewale, Shares 3 Practical Tips On How He Survives The Condition

Sickle cell advocate and nutritional consultant, Ridwan Adewale, has shared tips that he employs to relieve his symptoms. While reflecting on his late friend, Uche, who died of sickle cell, Ridwan spoke of the devastating realities of the disease but encouraged that despite the overwhelming negativities, there are “warriors” who will live to old age and see their grandchildren.

His educative post was dedicated to the commemoration of World Sickle Cell Day which holds June 19th annually. He mentioned that getting adequate information about the condition is not only important but can save sufferers of the condition like himself tons of worries.

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In his words:

“As today marks the World’s sickle cell day, I’ve listed a few natural management procedures for US and for our caregivers as well.
These procedures have helped me overcome my deepest moments as a warrior and also helped me stay healthy! And I’m super certain it can do so for you.”

For practical approaches to managing the condition and relieving symptoms, he listed staying hydrated, avoiding triggers such as stress, infection, malaria and consumption of too much sweet foods.

Read all the tips as Ridwan shared below:

1. Preventing Dehydration – In case you didn’t know, these past few months have been one for me to forget. Been on admission for at least four times, got my first ever blood transfusion coupled with loads of emotional bargains.
But it all got better when I did one thing! Increase my water intake!
I started taking nothing less than 5 litres of water daily! That’s a lot, yeah? But it surely helped.
The thing is, sickle cell crisis most times is a reaction to low oxygen levels in the blood, which can be caused by extreme physical conditions and dehydration.
Taking at least 4 liters of water daily, coupled with getting adequate rest is key to preventing crisis and staying on top of your game.

2. Avoiding your Triggers – This is also very helpful. Triggers are what leads to your crisis.
For me, it’s dehydration, stress, infection, malaria and funny enough consuming too much of sweet things.
For you, it might be different. It is essential you identify those things, and try to avoid them

3. Diet – Foods play a large role too! Because as warriors, our body needs more nutrients than the average individual, so it’s highly beneficial if we load our foods with varieties.
I won’t be specific here, but make it a habit as a warrior to consume fruits and veggies on a daily basis!
Your body needs folate to produce red blood cells, it needs protein and healthy fats to reduce anaemia symptoms and also it needs lots of antioxidants to fight infections! Don’t deny it!

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He ended his post by calling on every member of society to see to it that a pain-free society where carriers of the sickle cell trait do not form romantic relationships that lead to birthing children who are potential sufferers of the sickle cell disease.

Lastly, it is our collective duty to help achieve a pain-free society! Nigeria currently has the highest number of people living with sickle cell!

But despite that, you still see young carriers (AS and AS) playing love and believing God will take control. I pity them!

I’m not even concerned about them, I’m concerned about the poor child they intend to bring to a life of pains!

In as much as you can, genotypic compatibility is so important! Please ensure you are compatible before you say I do!

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