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Dear MIMsters: I Am Thinking Of Instituting A Divorce Against My Wife For These Reasons

Dear MIMsters: I Am Thinking Of Instituting A Divorce Against My Wife For These Reasons

I have been married for nine months and my wife is pregnant but I am thinking of instituting a divorce against her.

For 6 months, we lived in harmony until 2 months ago when my wife developed a disrespectful behaviour towards me. Now, she talks anyhow, carelessly and rudely to me, even in public. When I first observed it, I addressed it but she promised to do even worse.

On another occasion, right in the middle of the night, I addressed this same issue and she told me I am a wicked husband who does not assist her at home with house chores.
Let me explain something. I work very far from where I live and due to the far distance, I leave home early and return late. Meanwhile, I work with a financial institution. But before I leave for work in the morning, I make water available for her. Sometimes, it is not in the right quantity but it can sustain her till I return in the evening. At least, there is water in the compound but not in our flat.
On weekends, I go to the market for her except she chooses to. I do the laundry with her if it is on the weekend and I can’t remember the last time I sat in the living room to watch my wife serve me food. I cut her vegetables and pound her pepper if I’m around. Anything that will make her exert energy, I try to assist her except, I’m not around.

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Last night, this matter became so bad because when I was eating, she walked up to me and told me to abandon the food and go get her water. I felt very bad and asked her if it has gotten to that extent. I asked her what are those things that make her rude to me and she said cooking, doing the laundry and fetching water. Then I told her to stop doing those things. I came back this evening and noticed that she had done her laundry without including mine and cooked a very small portion of food for herself alone. I don’t deny her anything, including finances.

Right now, I am thinking of instituting a divorce. Please advise me and tell me the truth. 

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