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Facebook User, Lucia Thioma, Explains Why Fairytale Books Should Be Trashed From Children’s Library

Facebook User, Lucia Thioma, Explains Why Fairytale Books Should Be Trashed From Children’s Library

A Facebook user, Lucia Thioma, has identified what she believes to be fault-lines in how children are raised, especially with regard to the kind of books that they are entertained and groomed with. The Nigerian woman who is obviously intolerant of misogynistic tendencies and described herself as ‘anti-misogynist’ on her Facebook account took to same platform to call the attention of everyone to what she believes to be setting the girl child up for a lack of faith in herself because of the fairytale stories they are told and fed with as children.

In Lucia’s opinion, fairytale books should be removed from children’s libraries. She recommended science books, books of history and politics as replacements. She went on to explain why it’s best to wait for children, especially girls, to grow older before they are allowed to read fairytale books.

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Quite thought-provokingly, Lucia examines the impact of surrounding young girls with stories of a man climbing into castles to rescue a vulnerable girl or even a princess having to kiss a frog, just so she can meet her prince charming.

Fairytales according to her, account for why young girls will abandon their education and other life ambition halfway because thy met a fancy man.

She wrote: 

“Honestly I feel all fairytale books should be trashed from kiddies library. Little girls have no business reading about a man who will climb into their castle with their hairs nor a frog that will kiss them to become a prince. Let them read about romance when their brains are fully matured biko.

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What happened to science books and easiest ways to understand mathematics and history and politics and how to manage money, how to build an entrepreneurial spirit, how to build a business from scratch, self confidence for pre teens, how to take care of the elderly, how to treat people, why bullying is bad, etc.

Fairytales are why a female student will stop school to follow a Male student/musician around like a headless chicken…its why they think they are not enough and need a Male figure whether as spiritual father or glucose guardian.

See screenshot of the post below:

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