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6 Amazing Health Benefits Of The African Garden Egg

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of The African Garden Egg

The African Garden eggs are in season again, making for the perfect time to remind you to take advantage of these seasonal vegetables. They are a type of eggplant grown predominantly in tropical Africa, widely available, very affordable, highly nutritious and can be found throughout Nigeria.

In the south-eastern part of Nigeria, the Igbos traditionally welcome visitors into their homes by offering the fruits – usually along with spicy peanut butter, kolanuts and seeds of alligator pepper.

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A little Background On Garden eggs:

Garden eggs are a very good source of dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, copper, and thiamin (vitamin B1). Being a member of the vegetable family, it contains nutrients that include beta-carotene, vitamins B6 E and folate, calcium, iron, magnesium fiber, and many essential vitamins and minerals. They come in two shades, the cream, and green colour.

If you have ever wondered what the consumption of garden eggs does for your body, here are six health benefits:

1. Blood Sugar Regulation:

It is a good dietary option for anyone who struggles to keep their blood sugar in check, including diabetics. It contains low soluble carbohydrates and has the ability to reduce glucose absorption in the body.

2. Weight Loss:

Nutritionists recommend garden eggs as a perfect food option for those interested in losing weight because of its high fiber content. Ever noticed you feel stuffed after eating a few of the vegetables? -It is due to its fibre contents causing the tummy to fill up quickly, and this subsequently reduces consumption of other high calories options. This will also lead to reduced consumption of high-calorie foods.

3. Digestion And Bowel Movement

Garden eggs are effective laxatives. Just as is the case with other fibrous foods, garden eggs improve digestion, soothe constipation by initiating bowel movement.  It also helps to completely rule out bloating, giving your tummy a flatter appearance and comfort.

4. Protects Against Cardiovascular Diseases

Garden eggs are rich in vitamins and the immense benefits of vitamins in the body are well known. In garden eggs, vitamin B1 and B6 (Thiamine and Niacin) are abundant.

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These vitamins are needed for growth, proper functioning of the heart and cellular respiration. It is also rich in potassium, a salt that helps in regulating blood pressure.

5. Prevents Blood Clots:

The presence of vitamin K in garden eggs helps prevent blood clotting and also helps in strengthening the blood capillaries. The leaves from the plant is also known to serve as a natural blood tonic in anaemic patients.

6. Great During Pregnancy

There’s no point mincing words on its usefulness for pregnant women. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients which make it an essential part of the daily ration of every pregnant woman.

Given the fact that the baby is taking much of the useful nutrients for himself, women often suffer from the lack of individual components in their body. So, eating this plant can be an excellent solution to such situations.

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