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How This 10-Year-Old Girl, Jay Ajike, Settled The Grievances Between Her Classmates & Their New English Teacher Is Mind-Blowing

How This 10-Year-Old Girl, Jay Ajike, Settled The Grievances Between Her Classmates & Their New English Teacher Is Mind-Blowing

We all know that raising a child is not an easy job but raising a well-rounded child is even more challenging. In today’s world, the focus of many parents is on how to raise a child, who performs well in academics, and also have a good relationship with people in his or her life. A Nigerian mom, Iphie Ajike is so proud of herself for been able to raise an emotionally intelligent daughter with great communication skills.

Iphie, on her social media page narrated how her 10-year old daughter, Jay who is the captain of her class was able to communicate the grievances of her classmates to their English teacher and also stop them from being disrespectful to her.

With more intelligent children like Jay, we are assured of having confident women in the next generation.

Below is her twitter thread:

One thing I’m grateful for today is that I’ve raised kind and compassionate children! What’s even more amazing is that they’re so emotionally intelligent and fast becoming excellent communicators! Today, I’m such a proud parent

Jay got back from school today and after our usual ritual, I asked like I always do if anything spectacular happened today. She said, “oh alot happened, it’s a bit long so you may want to sit down” I grabbed a kitchen chair and sat down while we had lunch.

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It was about her new English teacher, she had told me about her previously that the kids in her class seemed to be a little disrespectful sometimes and behaved mostly uninterested during her classes. Today was particularly uncomfortable for her so she decided to put an end to it.

Right after her English period she called for an emergency class meeting and since she’s class Captain she asked everyone to tell her what their problem was with the new English teacher and what they would want done differently and they all did! She made notes.

During her short break she decided to pay the teacher a visit. Firstly she apologized for the behaviour of the kids in her class and asked if she had a moment cos she’d like to have a word with her. The teacher said it was fine and gave her a seat so she started…

Jay: kids will always act irrationally if they have a problem with an adult and are not able to communicate properly about it, so they tend to act up to get attention

Teacher: okay, go on Jay: I spoke to my classmates about what happened today and here are the issues…

1) they think your class is boring so they tend to sleep while others make noise and distract those who are trying to be attentive

2) they do not like that you search their bags even when they’ve told you they don’t have their books

3) you show your frustration, kids can see that… and they take advantage of it.

T: okay, how can I make my classes more interesting?

Jay: you need to stop being so serious! Make jokes and tell stories to stress your points like Mrs Irabor. Make the class more interactive so that everyone is participating T: okay, thanks…

T: About searching school bags, some kids tell lies so how do I know that the child is telling the truth when he/she says they don’t have their book?

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Jay: you have to show the kids that you trust them unless they’ve given you a reason not to. Trust is a risk you have to take…

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When you trust someone, you’ve given the person the responsibility of proving themselves to you. You may not always get it right but you would have tried and when you pay attention and study your students it’s easy to tell which ones are in the habit telling the truth or lies.

Jay: I’m really sorry that the students made you uncomfortable today, but moving forward, can you please not show them that you’re frustrated even if you are? I’ve spoken to them also I think that we can all come to an agreement to do better.

Teacher: thank you so much Jay

Jay: you’re welcome Miss M, and I hope that you are not offended by what I said

T: not at all, I’m actually grateful you did. Thank you Then she adds, mum I was a bit scared I may have gotten in trouble but she saw me on the corridor after school and mouthed “Thank you”

You guys, I’ve raised a whole, entire QUEEN!!”

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