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Dear MIMsters: Should I Just Take My Children, Leave And Go Start A New Life?

Dear MIMsters: Should I Just Take My Children, Leave And Go Start A New Life?

Should I just take my children to go start a new life?

I am 30 years old, a professional teacher and a mother of two beautiful kids,a boy and a girl whom I  both had through CS. I was born as a Muslim, grew up a Muslim but now with a Christian as the father of my children.

I am sharing this because l need your candid advice. My father is late and my relationship is only supported by my mom, while members of my extended family is against this relationship. Mom too because of the kids. Now his family too is against it and because of this, my children and I are always treated like animals.

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Foolishly on my part, I thought I was loved by this guy as I killed myself for him and his family. His father is also late and no member of his family was working when he gained admission into the school of nursing. I was pregnant with my first born then. l paid his fees and sometimes the fees of his brothers and sister who were still in school.

I picked a loan to enable us complete an abandoned incomplete building in their compound for us to live in. This happened when I was pregnant with my second child. To cut the story short, this same guy abuses me physically and verbally in front of his family as we live in their family house. None of  his family members like me nor my children. He calls me a useless teacher.

His mother whom I have loved and cared for also insults me and tells me to leave her son alone and go marry a Muslim. His elder brother whose wife is not working and he pays all their bills also hates my children and I so much that he has turned everyone who tries to get close to me against me.

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Now, this guy is not working and has no income, yet, he will not make a move to feed himself, his family, me and my children. He has left me to play the role of both the man and wife. On top of that, he is treating my children and I in this unacceptable way. This leaves me to ask, what will happen when he is posted and starts receiving a salary?

Should I remain or just take my children and leave him so I can start new life with my children?

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