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Humanitarian Mum, Dr. Yolanda George Speaks Sense To Parents Who Take Loans For Holidays To Keep Up Appearances

Humanitarian Mum, Dr. Yolanda George Speaks Sense To Parents Who Take Loans For Holidays To Keep Up Appearances

Nigerian surgeon, mum, and media personality, Dr. Yolanda George popularly known as ‘Aunt Landa’ has called out Nigerian parents who skip paying their house rents, children’s school fees, and other bills just so they can keep up appearances on social media.

According to her, it makes no sense going poor because you want to appear rich.

The summer holidays are here and since travel and vacations became a trend with Nigerians some years back, social media has been agog with images of young and old in exotic locations around the world. Apparently, many parents are falling for the travel pictures shared by other people and are taking loans in order to fit in, while owing their rents and children’s school fees.

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Dr. Yolanda in her reaction to the trend of summer holidays had an advice for those who take loans to go for such. Pointing out that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, the media personality stated that one shouldn’t go poor while trying to look rich because there is an end to every journey, she added that no one is too young to have their will drawn up.

Here’s what Dr. Yolanda wrote; 

Apparently a lot of you are taking Loans to take your family for Summer Holidays…

… You are owing house rent… School fees…et al… and you are not getting a loan for business but for Summer… ….

You all know that I love you sooooooooooooooo much and I am not too scared to tell you the truth… So listen up… … Sugar.. Lagos is 24/7 Summer… why borrow to leave the heat.. to go enjoy the heat…

Instead of borrowing money to go for that family Holiday because everyone in your compound claims to be going abroad for Summer….. open a trust fund for your Child..

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Tomorrow is not guaranteed…
…for some … the odds are lower than others…

…because the end is also part of the Journey… it’s ok to plan ahead without being all sanctimonious…

…You are not too young to have your will drawn up… …your response to life insurance offer shouldn’t be blood of Jesus.. it should be …at what premium… …

I have got to go now my Darlings…but remember that I said don’t go poor trying to look rich… ….to be rich is not a look….don’t let me go to Mushin to buy a cane to spank some sense into you

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