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Everything Solomon Buchi Has To Say On Being Single Is All The Motivation You Need To Not Settle For Less

Everything Solomon Buchi Has To Say On Being Single Is All The Motivation You Need To Not Settle For Less

Nigerian life coach, writer, and radical feminist, Solomon Buchi has shared truly inspiring words directed at helping singles. His words, full of wisdom, should give succour to anyone who is single and brooding over it. According to him, if the love you deserve is taking long to come, you may just have to wait.

He admits that, waiting for something rare is what a lot of people find difficult and that, it is at that point that they choose to settle albeit unhappily for anything that comes.

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Using himself as an example, the author said despite being big on relationships, being ready to receive and give love, he has remained single for 2 long years. He says he’s had to remain single because he is yet to find what he wants and says waiting is clearly a burden.

In his lengthy post, he referenced that a friend had shared a relationship gem with him one time and hopes that his single followers will hold the words of his friend true to their hearts, so they can do what’s right when it comes to love.

In the words of his friend:

“If they are everything you want but they don’t feel the same way, they are not everything you want!”

Read Buchi’s full post below:

“Read this if you’re single.

I’ve been stupendously single for two years now, and everyday it gets harder to even get into a relationship.

Trust me, I love love, I wake up most days thinking of the elation and euphoric feeling of having someone who ticks the boxes and I share a very profound connection with.

But the reality of it is that, when you know what you want, especially when it’s something rare, it is a burden to wait.

And here’s where a lot of people get to settle. Oh yeah, I’ve been told to start up something with any girl that likes me, and with time the spark will come; it is a scary thing for me to do. I can’t!

For me, it’s either there are not. And you know the interesting thing is that this isn’t always about ticking all my specifications, cos trust me I’ve met very smart women, feminist, and all that, but there’s really no connection. This connection is inexplicable; it doesn’t make logical sense.

It’s more than feelings! I’ve felt something for people I had no connection for. So this connection is transcendental, it’s like a conviction.

See, we all are spirits, and we know everything! But it takes working on your mind to get in tune with your all knowing spirit for you to operate on this wavelength!

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I’ve loved someone who’s everything I want and had a connection with, but she didn’t feel same way! And I remember @abiola_a_a telling me that IF THEY ARE EVERYTHING YOU WANT BUT THEY DON’T FEEL THE SAME WAY, THEY ARE NOT EVERYTHING YOU WANT!

These were sunk into my soul. It’s almost like a maze, but you have to come out to see the wholesomeness of this.

There’s a level of enlightenment you reach, and you know that the person for you is rare, and never give into the whips and caprices.

A lot of people get into relationships to satisfy their family, friends and society, not their soul. You see, 10% of humans experience that love that comes and you know from the onset that this is it.

The love that you’re crazy about someone not because they are so so smart or beautiful. But because you KNOW they are yours.
You know when Adam saw Eve? He knew! And my dear, if that ‘feeling’ of knowing that that person is yours, don’t settle!”

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See his original post below:

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