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Doctors Told Ugandan Mum-Of-5, Sofiat Mutensi She Was Expecting Twins| See What Happened Instead

Doctors Told Ugandan Mum-Of-5, Sofiat Mutensi She Was Expecting Twins| See What Happened Instead

A 37-year-old woman received the surprise of a lifetime when she gave birth last Saturday. The Ugandan mum Sofiat Mutesi already had five kids; she had initially delivered twins, followed by triplets and she was expecting no more than twins during her delivery last Saturday according to what doctors had told her during her antenatal visits.

To the mum-of-five’s great surprise however, she welcomed five more children on the same day, last Saturday, August 24 . three girls and two baby boys on the same day. According to the Daily Monitor, Sofiat, all through her pregnancy thought that she was expecting twins. On Saturday, August 24, the expectant woman gave birth to one boy at home and was later rushed to hospital when people discovered another baby was on the way.

When Sofiat arrived at the hospital, her second baby was born also weighing 1.5 kilograms. Moments later, three other kids were born through normal delivery.

“She had a normal delivery and the five babies are fine, in good health and without any defects. After every three hours they are breastfed and given glucose. The mother is fine, all has been done to contain the bleeding and she is even washing clothes,”

midwife Maureen Babine said.

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According to the lady, doctors always told her she was carrying two babies whenever she went for her antenatal hospital runs. When she saw five kids pop out of her womb, the mum was shocked.

“I am surprised to deliver five because when I went for a scan at Nsinze health centre, medics told me that I was carrying two children,”

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the mother said.

Now, the mother of nine is pleading with well-wishers to help raise funds and donate supplies that could help cater for the children’s upkeep.

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