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Dear MIMsters: I Need Accurate Answers On The Best Way To Handle A Man Like My Husband

Dear MIMsters: I Need Accurate Answers On The Best Way To Handle A Man Like My Husband

I’ll like to get accurate answers to the following, please bear with my long write up.

1) Will I get custody of my two kids aged 3 years old and 10 months old if I file for divorce?

2) How do I go about the whole divorce process?

Now, here’s a little twenty percent of the story about my marriage:

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It’s been 5 years of marriage and I have had no 50 percent peace. I have been beaten in the past and up till last year when I was 5 months pregnant. My hubby has this perfect character outside the home which makes people doubt me whenever I try to report him. He always wants to win every argument whenever we have an intervention which makes him spill necessary and many unnecessary secrets.

Recently, he was going to beat me late in the night and my sister was home. She saw the whole thing and called our parents but hubby turned the table against me, thereby making me look evil and the whole blame was on me. My sister was shocked at the whole thing.

I have lost all my friends unconsciously and I no longer go out, except to church. He established me twice but the whole money went back into household expenses. But then he made me look unaccountable. I can single out the things I have bought since we got married just to tell you how careful I am when spending.

Someone even told me recently, that I looked more beautiful when I was single after I posted my before and after picture. MIMsters, I don’t have a job aside my unstable side hustle. If we are not in talking terms like we are currently, he doesn’t drop money for the home. My gas has finished for over a week now and I have just been managing the last N5k I had before this issue happened.

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I have made up my mind not to beg him this time around and damn the consequences. I’ll keep staying hungry if I have to. But honestly, my heart is out of this marriage and I may never remarry if I’m able to go through this divorce. My life looks perfect outside, Facebook, WhatsApp and all but I’m actually dying. My parents are of the opinion of, “you will have to bear it for fear of divorce” since I’m not working and they don’t want my kids taken away. Please help me with answers.

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