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Going Through Depression? Here Are How 6 Women Won The Battle Without Prescriptions

Going Through Depression? Here Are How 6 Women Won The Battle Without Prescriptions

Depression is the persistent feeling of sadness. It can occur in adulthood and also in childhood. In the past, quite a good number of people have spoken about battling with depression and how they won the battle.

Now, the essence of sharing all of their stories is for you to understand that you are not alone. And that, you need to speak out and seek help promptly.

Entertaining depression and suicidal thoughts is not healthy, and just like someone rightly says, it does not solve the problems, it only passes it on to another.

Below are how six women beat depression without medication:

1. Always be yourself, not the person the world expects you to be.

This smile is genuine. After struggling with depression for several months, reading all the sylvia plath poems that she’s ever written and falling for all sort of addictive behaviors and substances, I can finally say that I’m healed and I did not use any help whatsoever.

My self-esteem was so low that I was everyone’s bitch, I took a lot of shit from a lot of people just because I was tired and didn’t have the energy to pick myself up and stand up for myself. But now it’s all over, I’m recovered no more dying my hair pink or purple and no more make up, I look like I’ve looked when I was 17 and I couldn’t be happier.

The thing that had me depressed was basically the feeling of having lost my soul and not being able to reach out for my identity. But now I do, I’m me again, no more toxic patterns and no more toxic people. I’m thankful for everything the good and the bad.

And especially thankful for jim morrison, bukowski , plath and crowley, all the manic depressive poets that helped me see the light.
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2. Let go of the past, because it cannot be changed. Instead, focus on making the future better.

Double tap if you agree! ?
Moving on from my last post
– Make peace with yourself
– Make peace with your past
– Love yourself
– Love your past – Learn from your experiences and move on to bigger and better things!

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3. Do things before you’re ready. If you don’t feel motivated, dig deep to find your purpose and take small steps each day.

Do it before you’re ready.

Our subconscious mind is designed to keep us safe, which translates to staying in our comfort zone. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

If you are not satisfied with some aspect of your life, the only person that can change that is you.

This requires stepping out of our comfort zone and doing things differently! It doesn’t feel good (at first) but with repetition and consistency we can make lasting shifts in our lives that create different results and more satisfaction overall.

When I wanted to start speaking I was pretty terrified, but my desire to help others and share my story trumped my fear. My mentor Dr. Erin told me to get up there on stage and do it because the only way we can get better at it is to practice! So I did, and I sucked the first time, AND every time I do it I get better and better.

You know what feels amazing though? Knowing I am fully committed to living my life’s purpose and divine calling and not sitting on the sidelines anymore. Is it comfortable? Hell no. But is it worth it? Absolutely.

We can spend our energy thinking of reasons to stay where we are, or we can redirect it and energize pure potential and what we want to create in our lives – the choice is ours and the effort is the same. Whatever we focus on expands.

What is it that you really want out of life? What are you waiting for? On your death bed what would you regret not doing? Share below I’d love to know!

4. Look after your mental and physical health. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

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One of the things I don’t talk about as much is healing Depression. The other day I got a whiff of it again. It didn’t last very long at all, maybe 20 minutes? But it reminded me of how I used to feel and how scared I used to be of my own depression.
Having healed many of my symptoms through diet, juices, herbs, and supplements, I know that depression is more than just mental and that there are physiological reasons why many of us get depression. Especially when its for no particular reason.
For many people, depression can be a symptom of Adrenal Fatigue. For others it can be Heavy Metals in a specific part of the brain, and for others is can be due to a chronic viral infection making neurotoxins that hinder the functioning of neurotransmitters. Even pesticides and MSG can contribute to depression!
So there are many reasons why depression happens, its not all just YOU. Its not all just in your head, the thoughts you’re “choose” to think, the chemical imbalance you’ve been told you have. You weren’t just born with a faulty brain or body, theres actually a real reason you may be feeling depressed and its not your fault.
What I find most helpful for my depression is a blend of different things – almost like a anti-depression smoothie. In my smoothie is connecting with people I care about and love and who support me back, connecting with myself and my source, physical activity, sunshine, compassion, doing things that give me a sense of purpose in life, and of course a diet with only healthy healing foods like celery juice, the 5 heavy metal detox foods, and tons of fruits and veggies!
Its basically all forms of self-care! Today I’m grateful to say that I no longer struggle with depression like I used to. I believe there is a way through it, that it can be healed, and that we can absolutely live a life of peace, content, happiness, and ease.?????

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5. Be mindful of water intake, blood sugar levels, time with friends, sleep, and exercise.

Here to offer you a reminder that there’s great power in the basics.
When I feel myself slipping into depression, I have a checklist of 5 things:
? Water ?‍♀️ Exercise ? Sleep ?Blood Sugar? Time with Friends
If any of these is out of balance or has been neglected, I fall into depression. It’s like knowing if I wear cheap jewelry it will stain my skin. It’s just a simple biological fact.
How about you? What are your basics? What are your triggers? What’s your medicine? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.
And, if getting out of your head and into your body is something you’d like some help with, next week I’ll be teaching a free course called A Week of Simple Pleasures.
I’ll be sharing 5 completely free, accessible-anytime techniques to clear your mind, energize your body and soothe your senses. Click the link in my profile to join us! #simplepleasures #healingdepression #schoolofsensualliving image by @mirandawildman

6. Do some yoga!

Wheel pose: aka “I bend so I do not break” pose. Or at least this is how I like to think of it. ?⠀

Besides it’s many health benefits, its so playful and makes me smile whenever I do it. ⠀

? It’s a heart opener, stimulates the thyroid, creates flexibility in the spine, alleviates depression, strengthens wrists and shoulders and the inversion is great for overall blood flow. ⠀

I’m still a beginner but it’s called a yoga ‘practice’ for a reason. In time, I will get better. My goal is to do this on a SUP board. ? wish me luck. ⠀

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