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Mom-Of-3, ChaCha Eke Faani Shares, Simple Unorthodox Tips To Snap Back Shortly After Delivery

Mom-Of-3, ChaCha Eke Faani Shares, Simple Unorthodox Tips To Snap Back Shortly After Delivery

For this stunning Nollywood actress, ChaCha Eke Faani, six weeks after she had her third child; many were shocked to see how fast her body had returned to its pre-pregnancy state and it came with a lot of questions.

Pregnancy fat is one thing many moms wish they could immediately deal with after having their babies. While some recover their bodies immediately, it takes a while for most to recover.

ChaCha has now responded to these questions. And guess what? It involved no slimming tea! She said:

”It is with pain and determination that I go through my weight loss journey every time I put to bed. My steps are unorthodox because I am a very traditional girl and they work.”

So, below are some of the things she does.

Step one: Hot water

There is an age-long tradition that because you just had a baby, you need to take it easy on yourself.  I usually say that a woman’s body is at the prime of revitilisation the moment she puts to bed. At this period, you can do anything with your body because it’s fragile.

For me, it is at this stage that I go very hard on myself with hot water. It’s so hot that it burns and you may not be able to endure but that is the real deal.

At this period, I drink a lot of hot water, hot tea and hot food. I make sure everything is hot because hot burns and when it burns it melts.

I also firm up my skin with hot water. I sue very hot water to have my bath and I do it myself because I don’t expect anybody to do it for me the way I would like it. Some people complain that when they had their baby, they didn’t press their stomach very well and I tell them to do it themselves.

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Step 2: Dieting

When I just put to bed and on the journey to recovering my body, I do not let food become my boss. I diet. It is essential that when you are eating, you eat right. Eating right is the reason for how good some people look. The body is the vehicle conveying the soul as we journey through earth, so, wouldn’t it make sense that I treat my body nicely?

When you’ve just had a baby, it’s at that time you crave a lot of food and in Nigeria, many people around you will support your cravings by reminding you that you just had a baby but I make sure to eat minimally because at this period anything can make me fat so I need to be careful what and how I eat.

Take fruits and veggies instead.

Step 3: Wrapper Tying On The Belly

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Step 4: Be active

I don’t eat and go to sleep as should be expected. When you just put to bed, you are told that you should sleep when the baby is sleeping, I rarely do that. It is not because I don’t feel sleepy but I think that I would be giving my body too much luxury, especially sleeping after eating.

I have a theory that sleeping after eating shouldn’t be done. That is not to say sleep is not good. Sleep is a very vital factor for healing your muscles.

So, what I do is, I make sure I’m active. I go everywhere, do everything I couldn’t do while pregnant. And while I am doing all this, I am waking my body system up from nine months of inactivity. It is in doing that you shed this weight and get yourself back.

Now that you have put to bed, nothing should hold you back from recovering except you have some health conditions that require some decorum.

Watch her speak here

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