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Fashion Influencer, Obisora Shares Three Ways You May Be Causing Harm To Your Skin

Fashion Influencer, Obisora Shares Three Ways You May Be Causing Harm To Your Skin

Most women do not know what skincare really entail. For some, it’s about just buying soaps and creams. Sadly, they cause more harm than good to their skin.

In a recent post on her Instagram page, brand and fashion influencer, Obisora  shared three harmful things a lot of women are doing to their skin. There’s so much to learn!

1. Dirty pillowcase and bedsheets: This one is simple. If you knew the small but mighty problems that your dirty pillow case is giving your skin. You are resting your skin pores with direct contact with your sheet. Of course if its dirty, your skin will keep taking in dirt into its pores.

2. Searching for a miracle product: The truth is there is no one miracle product that can solve all your skincare issues and give you glowing skin. Your skin needs a lot of nutrients tailored to your skin type.

No single product can possibly come with all the ingredients your skin needs. Anybody telling you otherwise, just wants your money. What you need is a regimen tailored to your skin type. See why you need my skincare webinar to give you more insight?

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3. Copying other people’s regimen: We all have different skin issues and pain points. Skincare is very personal, some people are more acne prone than others and some people have extremely sensitive skin while others don’t.

Some people need to focus on balancing the PH of their skins while others need to focus on fine lines and wrinkles. Some others even need to focus on treating other skincare issues like discoloration, sunburns etc.

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4. Wearing your bra for long before washing it: I did not come to shake any table oh, I just said let me ask. Innocent question. That favourite bra is causing more harm than good?. Everyday you wear your favourite bra, sweat is unavoidably accumulating.
Your favorite scents and perfumes you have been buying wont work because it is fighting abi competing with the heavy sweat stench from that favourite bra.
When you now want to wash it, its 500g of detergent that can ever make it foam before you wash ??. So you now leave it to soak for 1week. Soaking it is also oxidizing/rusting the metal bone supporting the cup.

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I want you to know that smelling good does not start and end with buying perfume oh, your undergarments should be clean too and smell fresh as well. You will even feel so good, and less conscious when it smells good as you wear it.
So let me ask again, how many times do you wear your bra before washing???? Somebody who hasn’t washed theirs since January and is a soaker of pants will still comment “Obis, mine is every 3days washing, I cant stand smelling bras”…?

Meanwhile, I hope you learnt something new from this post, which one were you guilty of??.

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