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Nigerian Men Share Heartfelt Stories From Watching Their Wives Give Birth In Agony

Nigerian Men Share Heartfelt Stories From Watching Their Wives Give Birth In Agony

Modern men have become so closely involved with the pregnancy and even childbirth experiences of the women in their lives. It is amazing to see that many Nigerian men have also gotten on the train and want to be present as much as possible during the experience.

A travel expert and Nigerian dad-of-one, Damola Apesin took to his twitter handle at @dharmorla to share what it felt like being by his wife’s side during the delivery of their child; his narration spurred other Nigerian dads on the app to share their own experiences, and the revelations are nothing short of heartwarming.

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According to the travel expert, his wife underwent a Ceasarean Section to birth their child, despite being unable to stand the sight of blood, he said he stood by his wife and watched the doctors cut her open, bring out the child and finally sew her up. According to him, it was an extremely emotional moment that made him appreciate his wife a lot more.

He wrote:

“I remember I stayed with my wife during the delivery of our baby (C.S). The moment the baby was brought out, she was handed over to me, I burst into tears, took her out & handed over to my sister. I ran back to the theatre to stay with who was more important to me.

The sight of blood was enough to make me faint but I witnessed ALL, as she was cut open to the sewing. May God give us strength at the most important moment. In fact, always.”

Read some of the responses to Apesin’s story as shared by other men:

“You were even brave enough to hold the baby. I didn’t touch Vlad until until @asherstuta was out of theatre. The nurse brought Vlad out, told her to drop him somewhere and take me to my wife. Held her hand till we got to our private ward.

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I slept on the floor of the ward that night. The doctors and nurses were begging me to go home. Ogbeni! Which home am I going to? How am I supposed to go home? Please just leave me alone to lie down here”

– @theofficialFEMI

I cried my eyes out when my wife gave birth to Jay… Hearing her scream was the scariest things ever.. I cried to the extent that my wife was embarrassed didn’t carry Jay till I confirm she was okay.

I was beside my wife’s bed for almost 5hours after she was brought out of the theater. I just ignored the baby. CS can be terrifying
CS…. terrible! My mother in-law couldn’t manage me as tears were running uncontrollably.
– @ekpe2u
I was with my wife the night she delivered our wonderful queen Adesuwa. In fact, i called for the CS because i could no longer bear the stress she was going through. We bless God always
Before tiwa was abdominally delivered,was told to go home,it was mama and my sister that stayed.but right in the house I couldn’t sleep and I wasn’t settled until I saw my wife and baby early momo
The way she was screaming made me cry my eyes out that faithful day, a day I will never forget in my life, I don’t think I will have that mind to stand such again.
– @patrick22381659
I think fathers should be made to stay with their wives during child birth. I have been in the labor ward twice now to welcome my babies. Women are made of extra!!
The first time, i ignored my new baby and tried to hug my heroine. I didn’t even know tears while streaming down my face. I was just saying ‘thank you, i love you.’
See the screenshots below:


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