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‘Regular exercise equals healthy skin’ -Fitness Coach, Chinwe Obinwanne Shares Great Tips Exercise Does To The Skin

‘Regular exercise equals healthy skin’ -Fitness Coach, Chinwe Obinwanne Shares Great Tips Exercise Does To The Skin

Exercise, as we all know poses great benefits to your heart, lungs, mental outlook and your physique – but did you know that regular physical activity can have tremendous effects on your skin as well?

Experts in Dermatology posit that anything that promotes healthy circulation in our bodies also helps to keep our skin healthy and radiant.

Fitness coach and founder of Naijafitmom, Chinwe Obinwanne is excited to share this great tip about the excellent job exercise does to skin. She said:

“You see, often times we tend to focus on the cardiovascular and weight loss benefits of exercise and spare little or no time to contemplate the other benefits our bodies derive from regular focused physical activity.”

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Here are some important benefits of exercise to the skin:

Nourishes skin cells:

Exercise by increasing blood flow, helps nourish skin cells and keep them working optimally. In an interview with WebMD, Dermatologist Ellen Marmur revealed that blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the human body, including the skin.

She explains that in addition to providing oxygen, blood flow also helps to carry away waste products including free radicals, from working cells. This essentially means that a bout of exercise helps flush cellular debris out of the system thereby helping to cleanse your skin from the inside.

Eliminates stress-induced skin issues:

Exercise is vital in easing stress. And various skin-related issues arise when a person is stressed maximally.

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When you exercise regularly, you reduce stress to the barest minimum and the effect of this on the skin is that some troubling skin conditions induced by stress will show some improvement too.

Skin conditions that can improve when stress is reduced include eczema and acne.

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Toned body gives glowing look on skin:

Regular exercise helps tone muscles and eliminates cellulites giving for a much radiant and smoother looking skin.

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