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Happy Adamawa Groom Who Got Married To Igbo Woman Gives Advice On Finding True Love

Happy Adamawa Groom Who Got Married To Igbo Woman Gives Advice On Finding True Love

An Adamawa man took to his Twitter handle @StunnerCFR to share colourful photos from his wedding to his bride who hails from Anambra, south-east Nigeria. The ecstatic groom who hails from the northern part of the country wanted to not only share his joy of finding the woman of his dreams, he wanted other citizens to take a cue from him and his wife, and accept love from wherever it comes.

Describing his wife as the love of his life, @StunnerCFR  advised other people to not allow tribe or ethnicity to limit their search for happiness. His advice comes in handy because Nigeria is a country with over 250 different ethnic groups having various biases against one another, and many cultures within the country frown at marriage outside of their own ethnicity.

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The elated groom says inter-ethnic marriages are not new to him, because, according to him, three of his sisters married men from other tribes.

Read what the groom wrote:

So I married the love of my life… She’s 4rm Anambra n I’m from Adamawa! Never let Tribe or ethnicity limit ur search for happiness. Love can meet you anywhere u just have to be prepared for it!

Hahahahaha! If u truly love each other then u need nobody’s approval just Blessings. When u limit ur search 4 love u limit ur search 4 “True” happiness so Live, Love and Learn that’s what life is all about.

My elder sister married an Edo man my close cousin married an Enugu man another married a Yoruba… my Muslim friend married an Edo girl I can keep on going. Dont stereotype

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