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Finance Attorney, Moe Odele Has Some Thoughts On The Difference Between Dating And Committed Relationships… Do You Agree?

Finance Attorney, Moe Odele Has Some Thoughts On The Difference Between Dating And Committed Relationships… Do You Agree?

For many young women, the idea of dating means they are in a committed relationship but finance attorney, Moe Odele says it’s not true.

A twitter user, @Yommmms had shared her dating tip online and it got many people talking. She tweeted:

”My biggest dating tip is date multiple men at once, have fun, enjoy your life, live a little. When you feel like you’re ready for a relationship, pick your favorite- the kindest, most genuine and generous(enjoyment) and boyfriend him.”

While some agreed to @Yommmms’s suggestion, some said it was draining while some stuck to their idea about what dating means.

Justifying what @Yommmms said and explaining further, Moe Odele said dating means getting to know people, explaining further that it’s the best way for people to know what they want.

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Moe urged women who are fond of waiting to meet the perfect person before they have fun not to sacrifice their happiness on the altar of being too careful.

See the thread below:

”I think dating multiple people at once is very good advice. PS: dating is different from being in a committed relationship. Dating just means you are actively getting out there and meeting people and spending time with them. It’s the best way to know what you do not want.

For many women, it’s usually “I’ll wait for this perfect person before I start living.” Sis, that’s not the best strategy. For me, I’ve now decided to have the time of my life. In fact, if there’s someone I like, I move to them & explore. What’s the fun in sitting around waiting?

And yes you will make mistakes but you will also make awesome memories. Stop sacrificing your happiness at the altar of being too careful. You can actually never be too careful. These men will still embarrass you. So enter the game and play it well. Enjoy it. Make your mistakes.

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For instance, I had plans for labour day weekend, date 1 cancelled because of work but I didn’t even care too much because I had date 2, 3 and 4 on the waiting list. I’m having so much fun at this thing I wonder why I didn’t start earlier. But whenever you wake up is your morning

The important thing though is for you to be open with everyone involved. It’s bad behavior to not be committed and give people the impression that you are.”

What is your thought about this?

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