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Dear MIMsters: How I Went From A Living Corpse, Post Delivery To Living A Full Life

Dear MIMsters: How I Went From A Living Corpse, Post Delivery To Living A Full Life

Two days after the birth of my son Dominion, on the night of my discharge from the hospital, I woke up with a big bang on my stomach. It was like a ball hit me on the stomach and I started having pains. Little did I know what was going to happen to me, post delivery.

It started from just a little pain like a needle prick but within 20 minutes, it became unbearable and severe. I was rushed back to the hospital and was told it was ulcer. The more I took medications for ulcer, the more the pain increased. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t do anything.

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The only time I could sleep at all was when sedated. I had to tell the nurses and my doctor to stop the ulcer medications because it was causing me more pain but they didn’t believe me.

I was on and off the hospital and on the day of my son’s naming ceremony, I was quickly discharged to go attend the naming. Within the space of one week, I couldn’t eat, wasn’t feeling pains anymore, wasn’t sneezing, wasn’t passing out gas, couldn’t use the toilet. My stomach was bloated and big.

A scan and X-ray was carried out and doctors said that my intestines were twisted and something was blocking it. I was already dead inside but couldn’t tell anyone I wasn’t feeling life inside anymore. But I thank God for my husband. He would lay hands on me and pray until he is exhausted. He would take me to church, lay me on the altar and cry uncontrollably. He would tell me, “let’s settle the spiritual aspect first” and I would just nod. It came to a point I started passing out poop from my mouth.

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A NG tube(a pipe) was fixed from my nose to my stomach and greenish and smelly substances were drained. I was booked for a surgery and wheeled into the theater. When I was opened up, doctors discovered my small intestines were not just blocked or twisted but had busted and my stomach was filled with fecal matter.

I spent about 9 hours in the theater and had some of my intestines cut off. The operation was successful or so I thought.

On the seventh day I was getting ready to go home when the worst happened.

The operation failed suddenly.

In seven days, my intestines had become rotten again and had busted. I was taken back to the theater for another surgery and my surgeon said to me “Jess, if we get into the theater and this case turns out to be what I’m thinking, we will have to drill a hole, and fix a pipe and a bag in it for you to use.”

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When I was opened up, according to my doctor, what he saw was even worse than what he had expected. He came out of the theatre after 9 hours and told my husband, “there’s nothing I can do, just call on your God.” It was a 50/50 battle.

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We spent about 12 hours in the theater and at the end, I lost over 70 percent of my intestines. The doctor told me I will never live a normal life again and I will have to live on a special diet. I spent about 4 months in the hospital and my husband was there with me 24/7. He was feeding me, bathing and cleaning me up whenever I messed up myself.

The only times he left my bedside was when he went to make my food (special diet) or to buy my recommended drugs.

God showed up for me, and so now, I can live a normal life again. I can eat whatever I want to eat, I have no bag attached to me, I use the toilet without assistance, I’m strong, healthy and happy.

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Today, I’m a year Older. I’m happy because two years ago, I spent my birthday in the hospital and had a pipe down my nose.

I want to encourage anyone here going through a terrible situation to hold on to God. When the devil says no, God says YES! only God has the final say. I can’t type all I went through and had to summarize but in all, God didn’t let me down. He will never let you down if you put your trust in him.

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