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Wellness Expert Counsels Nigerians On Healthy Lifestyle To Reduce Stress

Wellness Expert Counsels Nigerians On Healthy Lifestyle To Reduce Stress

Dr Uganze Eke, a Wellness expert has advised Nigerians to make choices that will help them reduce the daily stress associated with traffic jam, work-life balance and living a healthy lifestyle.

Eke, who is the Chief Wellness Officer, Fitness Fair, gave the advice during the launch of the company’s “Choose Life Programme’’ in Lagos on Friday, News Agency of Nigeria reports.

She said that across the country, many people were struggling with obstacles that had kept them from eating better, moving more and making healthier lifestyle choices. The expert said:

“They are unable to adopt the healthy lifestyle needed to fend off preventable diseases and therefore spend less on healthcare.”

Eke advised that while at work, people should have chairs that are suitable for their back and a table that lifts computer to enable them look straight. She said there should be Apps on computer that notified when to get up for a walk.

“You can even use little things like when your phone rings to take a walk instead of sitting; take the stairs instead of elevators, stretch every hour, get a fitness tracker to count your daily steps.

“Above all, make sure you rest whenever you have the opportunity. Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and drink enough water to stay hydrated,’’ she said.

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She expressed concern that many Nigerians ignored those things that could help them to relax, saying instead of sleeping or going to the beaches, many people opted for drinking extravaganza and staying out all night.

According to her, the Choose Life Programme was launched to assist organisations cope with the physical and mental health issues at the workplace, monitor and improve employers and employees’ lifestyles through preventive methods.

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Eke said that the programme was important because of the increasing number of younger and older people coming down with non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and cancer, arising from workplace and personal-related reasons.

The programme aims to use its digital wellness platform to promote health, fitness and productivity. She noted that the programme was hinged on the four pillars of health, lifestyle, fitness and nutrition.

Eke urged employers to understand that well-being of their staff was essential to drive continuous growth, performance and productivity in the organisation.

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She explained that preventive care in the management of the health of their workforce was a smarter and cheaper alternative to time lost in hospitals, sick leaves and reputational risks attached to being perceived as ‘slave-drivers’.

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