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Comedian, Bovi Ugboma, Reflect On The Birth Story His First Child, David As Her Turns 10

Comedian, Bovi Ugboma, Reflect On The Birth Story His First Child, David As Her Turns 10

To celebrate his son, David as he turns ten years old, ace Comedian, Bovi Ugboma took to his social media account to reflect on the complicated birth story of his first child.

According to the dad-of-two, he had arrived at the hospital with his wife who insisted she was in labour but the nurses on duty insisted she wasn’t. According to him, the nurses decided to ‘check’  Kris when it was almost too late, and that’s when they realised she truly was in labour but they were unprepared, and so, delayed the birth of their first child who turned out to be in distress with his umbilical cord around his neck.

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The proud dad took to Instagram to share the rare story. He explained that his son was born swollen all over, with eyes shut down, lifeless and ugly but that the he eventually pulled through. He lamented the anguish his wife went through during that life altering moment.

Kris re-echoed the words of her husband in her own Instagram post as well, saying she struggles to not get emotional every year when it is their son’s birthday.

Sharing a photo of his son, Bovi wrote:

“Chukwu Onye ebere the hands are together” the nurse screamed in panic as she stared down the vagina. Ten years ago, my sons first day on earth seemed destined to be his last.

At a private hospital in Ogba, the nurses operated in panic mode rather than urgency. The doctor on duty, I would later find out, was in his office but refused to come out.

He asked the nurses to handle the delivery. @krisasimonye was screaming in pains. The umbilical cord was around the babies neck. She wanted to push so bad.

But the nurses realized that one of the pieces of equipment they were meant to use wasn’t in the tray. A nurse dashed out to go get it. 

@krisasimonye screamed in anguish “why are you doing this to me”. They had insisted earlier that it was false labor. She was sure it wasn’t. One of them decided to check again and behold it was time. And they weren’t ready. They actually told her to hold on when all she wanted to do was push. Eventually David was born. Swollen all over. Eyes round and shut like a corpse. Still. Lifeless. Numb. Ugly.

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They raised him up, turned him upside down and started to slap his butt. Time paused. Silence. Sound. Cry. Breath. Life. He had arrived. I was hurt that the first thing my first fruit had to do was fight to come to life. But I took solace in the fact that he won his first of many battles.

Fast forward to hours later and the doctor comes to our room to felicitate with us. He met a blank cold stare from us. And I cannot forget his stupid unprofessional words “I’m so sorry. I got info that one of my good friends died. I just couldn’t gather myself to come. I was just dazed in my office”.

The words of a trained doctor. Anyway, here we are today, ten years later. Happy birthday to my son, David Abovi Ugboma jr.

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