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How To Fight Against Diabetes -Medical Experts

How To Fight Against Diabetes -Medical Experts

Diabetes is a condition that impairs the body’s ability to process blood glucose, otherwise known as blood sugar. Blood glucose is our main source of energy and it comes from the food we eat.

diabetes can lead to a buildup of sugars in the blood, which can increase the risk of dangerous complications, including stroke and heart disease.

Different kinds of diabetes can occur, and managing the condition depends on the type. Not all forms of diabetes stem from a person being overweight or leading an inactive lifestyle. In fact, some are present from childhood.

However, medical experts have revealed some of the ways to tackle diabetes completely. According to the experts, healthy diets, healthcare insurance and concerted awareness can reduce the effect of the ailment.

Diabetes claims more life due to its increased prevalence, citing that more than 4.8million Nigerians are down with the scourge, the experts added.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said the global prevalence of diabetes among adults over 18 years of age has risen from 4.7percent to 8.5percent.

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The Clinical Director, Chronicare Nigeria/ISN products, Dr. Soyingbe Adetola said smoking, sedentary lifestyles, excessive intake of alcohol are the leading causes of diabetes, adding that it is the major risk factor of kidney failure in the world, reports.

He stated that it is important to test and present early for treatment so as to prevent diabetes and its acute complications. Dr. Adetola said:

“People who have diabetes over a long period of time, which is not treated are prone to diabetic nephropathy. This means the functionality of the kidney is grossly affected over time and if nothing is done, the person comes down with chronic kidney failure.

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The importance of research cannot be overemphasised in the fight against diabetes. There have been drugs with better effectiveness. However, no matter the amount of drugs research is going to bring out, there is nothing as important as the role of lifestyle modification.”

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He urged the government to lead awareness campaign against diabetes, as well as integrate it into the mandatory health insurance scheme.

Also, In-house Pharmacist, ISN Pharma Nigeria, Ifeyinwa Achusim stated that it is important for the populace to enroll in the health insurance scheme and also go for regular screening, as prevention is key to controlling any disease.

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