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”Why it took me nine years to marry the mother of my children”- Comedian, IGoSave

”Why it took me nine years to marry the mother of my children”- Comedian, IGoSave

Celebrity dad and comedian, Otaghware Otas Onodjayeke, aka Igosave is no longer a single man after he took the bold step and tied the knot with his long time partner and mother of his three children, Iyabo. According to him, he always had the understanding that marriage is a divine institution, therefore, it must be treated accordingly and only when a person is guided by deep conviction should they dare to approach the institution.

  In a chat with Saturday Beats, I Go Save said,

“I am not really into ladies and marriage is not something one should jump into because one wants to impress people.

Marriage is a divine institution, so, when the spirit leads one that it is the right time; if one has money, one should follow the spirit and if one doesn’t have money, one would tell the spirit to relax.

When the spirit told me it was the right time, I agreed. Besides, my wife has three beautiful daughters for me.

So, I think it’s high time to honour my woman and do the needful.

It is never too late. The most important thing is cherishing the one that makes one happy. For me, we have been married– maybe on credit or I may have been occupying an illegal place– because we have been together for over nine years.”

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On if there were pressures from his wife’s family before now, the comedian said,

“Never. There was no pressure on me. She is from a very wonderful and understanding family. Young men shouldn’t be pressured into marriage.

That is why most men are never ready and when asked, they say marriage is not easy. They (in-laws) made sure everything went smoothly and I say ‘thank you’ to them.”

The comedian also noted that his first daughter was ecstatic about the news. He stated,

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“It was obvious we would get married. It would have been very awkward if I popped the question. After three kids, would I start asking,

‘Will you marry me’?

My first daughter is six, so she understands what is going on. She saw the picture and congratulated her mum.

The last born just clocked one and the second is three years old.”

Meanwhile, Onodjayeke, also stated that his annual show, ‘I Go Save Unusual’ would be going to Abuja, Port Harcourt, Warri and Asaba. He added, “The ninth edition of the show featured comedy heavyweights such as Basket Mouth, Buchi, Igodye, Senator, Gordons and Bovi and there were over 2,500 fans in attendance. For this year, we are going to do even more but I must confess that it has been difficult organising the show without sponsorship. I have been using my hard-earned money over the years.”

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