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Serena Williams’ Shout Out To Working Mums In New Post Is So On Point

Serena Williams’ Shout Out To Working Mums In New Post Is So On Point

Tennis champion and mum-of-one, Serena Williams shared a new photo of herself cradling her sleeping daughter as she opened up about how hard it is balancing motherhood with a career. She cheered mums who hold regular jobs and still give their all to parenting saying they inspire her and make her proud.

38-year-old Serena and her husband, Alexis Ohanian welcomed their daughter and first child, Alexis in 2018.

In her Instagram post where she hailed working mums, the professional tennis player wrote:

“I am not sure who took this picture but Working and being a mom is not easy. I am often exhausted, stressed, and then I go play a professional tennis match. We keep going.

I am so proud and inspired by the women who do it day in and day out. I’m proud to be this baby’s mama @olympiaohanian. #nofilter#nomakeup #nohairbursh lol #justme.”

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This comes after Serena’s coach, Patrick Mouratoglou said  Serena’s team might have to change their strategy because she hasn’t won a Grand Slam title since returning to tennis after childbirth.

“We have to accept the fact that it is not working,”

said Mouratoglou.

Speaking to BBC Sport, he added:

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“Maybe come back with a different angle, a different strategy and different goals so she can make it.

She does feel positive, she feels negative too because it is a failure when she doesn’t win a Grand Slam.

We have to face reality, but she is positive that she can make it otherwise she probably wouldn’t be on a tennis court anymore.

She believes she can make it and I believe it too. She’s not that far, but we have to change a few things.”

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