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Mum-of-Three, Victoria Inyama Shares Tips On Finding Love Again With Single Mums

Mum-of-Three, Victoria Inyama Shares Tips On Finding Love Again With Single Mums

Healthy relationships advocate and mum, Victoria Inyama has some advice for single mums when it comes to finding love again.

The mum-of-three took to her Instagram page to dish tips to solo mums on how to spot opportunistic men who tend to take advantage of the vulnerability of single mums; according to her, it is better to be labeled difficult than stupid.

The kinds of men who borrow your money, move in with you, con you into funding their lifestyle, among others are the kinds of men to keep your guards up against, the former actress advised.

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Victoria who is a single mum herself advised other single mums to not be afraid to be alone and nurture their kids. She maintained that there are good men out there with good intentions but advised that solo mums must take great precautions before allowing a man into their space with their children.

Read her full post below:

Halooooo, Female lone parents let me drop this hint…. You & your children have been through so much, so be very careful with that man coming into your life!

Especially in the West where a lot of the guys just enjoy living off women!……Before you accept all the toasting etc….Know what he really wants! A Relationship or A person to Use!………

There are awesome guys out there who would date/marry a lady with children but majority of them just want to live off you.

They may borrow money or beg you to take out credit for them…..or even Move in with YOU!!!! Plsssss ensure that that guy has a job that can pay for his lifestyle, Don’t be fooled by his words & Social media lifestyle….all na wash wash?? Don’t be afraid to be Alone & take good care of yourself & your children!

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Avoid that calm Nassisstic guy!
Once they cannot Use you, they claim you are Difficult.

Better to be difficult than Stupid because if they can’t get from you, they will move on to the next lady(victim),

Moreover if you dig deep you will find out that they are really married & their wife is tired of funding their lifestyle!!!! Pls be WISE!


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