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Why Every African Girl Should Experience Living Independently Before They Get Married

Why Every African Girl Should Experience Living Independently Before They Get Married

A Nigerian woman who identifies herself as a feminist has shared insights as to why it is a necessity for African girls to experience living independently before they get married.

She believes that the culture of girls living with their parents and transitioning to live with their husbands from there, without experiencing life as an adult on their own without interference or some form of authority to answer to is not in the interest of the women involved.

The woman who took to her Twitter handle @DonCorleAnnn to say that African girls need to experience living on their own terms before they get married because of the many benefits that come with doing so- one of which is an improved self -esteem that makes them clear on what they want.

Many women who interacted with her tweet agreed that many times African girls get married because they want to leave their parent’s homes and that not having lived on one’s terms before marriage could force women to endure abuse when they get married because they have no idea how to live independently or fend for themselves.

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@DonCorleAnnn admits in her post that living independently comes with its own challenges- sorting your bills being the biggest of them, she, however, says it is a necessary phase that can help you learn about yourself and build your own confidence, so that when you do eventually get married , you can live freely and fully because it is not entirely new to you the modalities of owning a home.

Read her full post below:

I hope more African girls experience living independently before they get married. Paying rent for your apartment, having hired help to cater to your needs, walking naked in your apartment, washing dishes to 70s disco music, complaining about the price of food. Experiencing bliss

Staying out late till 4, crawling into your bed dead drunk knowing its your home & no 1 can say shit. Closing up your home for a week to go on a trip with the girls, having soirees in your home. Learning how to fix pipes, decorating your home & having sex on the kitchen counter.

It comes with its own problems, bills and Lord knows it hurts paying rent when you’ve been a freeloader all your life but by grace it’s your home, all yours and no can tell you shit.

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