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Celebrity Mum, Caroline Ekanem Tells Her Side Of The Story After Former Employee, Alexander, Called Her Out On Social Media

Celebrity Mum, Caroline Ekanem Tells Her Side Of The Story After Former Employee, Alexander, Called Her Out On Social Media

Alexander’s former boss, Caroline, is now telling her side of the story after PUNCH reached out to them.

According to Punch, it was learned that while Oyindamola was receiving treatment at the Lagos isolation center in Onikan, her boss, Caroline, allegedly threatened to arrest her. Oyindamola, who was discharged on April 20 after testing negative, said she was depressed by the allegations made against her by the celebrity mum, who also threatened to sue her over a missing laptop.

A distraught Alexander alleged that her ordeal started after Danjuma’s 11-year-old son returned from a high-risk country, the United Kingdom, and started manifesting symptoms of COVID-19. Read here.

PUNCH reported Oyindamola as saying:

When Danjuma em­ployed me on March 11, 2020, she said I would supervise her domes­tic workers. She had a cleaner, a washerman, a driver, and a cook. She said she noticed that things were not being properly done and she wanted me to coordinate them.

A week to the lockdown, she asked if I had money for my fam­ily to stock up food. My parents are in Ekiti and my husband is in Benin, though we have some mis­understanding.

I told her that I had yet to send money to them, but I believe that they would cope somehow. She said she would give me some mon­ey to help them.

She then gave me N30,000 for which I was grateful. She never said it was my salary.”

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Oyindamola added that some days later, her boss’ 11-year-old son arrived from London.

After coming into the country, he became ill and was tested by the NCDC; the result came in positive. Everybody in the house was tested. My boss, however, did not allow the cook to be tested. I don’t know her reason for that.

My result came back positive and I went into isolation. I contacted my boss and asked when I would be paid for the month and that my mom was hypertensive and would need money.

I told the doctors not to tell any member of my family. I knew there was nothing to panic about and that I would be fine.

However, my boss started abusing me. She said what about the N30,000 she gave me when I had not even started working. She said the money was my salary for the month.

She said she had been feeding me and my attitude was unbecom­ing, and as a matter of fact, I was no longer working with her and that I deserved what I was going through. She asked if she was the one who impregnated me.

Oyindamola said she was sur­prised by Ekanem’s reaction and wondered why she did not show concern for her health.

She added,

My bed in the iso­lation center was beside that of the cleaner, who also tested positive for COVID-19. Some days after, my boss told me that I had been fired and asked the cleaner and I to send our account numbers.

She sent me N23,000 and N50,000 to the cleaner. She had ap­parently removed the N30,000 she gave me initially and the N7,000 she said was a refund for my missing money. She said I lied that my mon­ey was stolen.

Two days later, she sent me a message on WhatsApp that her laptop was missing. I was fed up. I had never seen the laptop.

She has been threatening me, saying she would get the police to arrest me. She said she had called my agent and that nobody should employ me. She said if I run away, she would post my pictures all over social media with my details.

While in isolation, what they did was to check our vital signs every day. That particular day, the nurse told me that my blood pres­sure had shot up.”

She added,

“Why is she frus­trating and intimidating me? It was while working for her that I got exposed to this thing, and the other domestic worker is still in the isolation center. Right now, I am afraid for the cook; he should be tested. Right now, I am stranded with nowhere to go. My drugs are in her place,”

she added.

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Danjuma, in response to the allegations, stated that

“When my boys came back, I ensured that everyone was properly protected and insisted that you did not come close to them.

I was with my kids all through, but (tested) negative three times.

Your ‘K’ deformed legs you were always using to go out with­out my permission on the basis of being my friend instead of staff got you sick; you came home and infected Chioma,” the message read in part.

She further shared that she agreed to pay Alexander N60,000 monthly on compassionate grounds, noting that she employed Alexander as a nanny. The actress noted that the domestic worker, whom she employed as a nanny, went out several times without permission, adding that the second domestic worker caught the virus because she stayed in the same room with Oyindamola.

Caroline noted that in a week, two domestic workers left the house because of Oyindamola’s oppressive attitude. She denied that her son tested positive for the COVID-19, adding that no member of her family had the virus.

The celebrity mum also told PUNCH Metro that she isolated the child upon his arrival from London and called the NCDC for tests in line with the government’s directives.

She stated,

An innocent child! Should I call my son to tell you that Oyin is trying to blackmail him to extort money from his parents? My son is negative; we are all negative.

Oyin does not work in the house. She orders people around. She is rude. I just cannot stay with her. She is not the only one working for me. I still have others.

All others are still working for me and I am paying them.

If she has COVID-19, is Lagos State not providing for her? You have COVID-19 and you are abusing me, are you possessed? You are saying all sorts of nonsense about me.

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