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Dear MIMsters: I Ended This Relationship In Tears, Little Did I Know That God Was Just Saving Me

Dear MIMsters: I Ended This Relationship In Tears, Little Did I Know That God Was Just Saving Me

Sometimes God doesn’t grant the desires of our hearts for our own good. I ended a relationship in tears, little did I know that God was just saving me from a bad marriage.

Sometime in 2013, I met this guy who looked like everything I had ever prayed for. You know all the list of husband material. He was loving, caring, God-fearing or so I thought. He gives without asking. It was a long-distance relationship but I knew everything about him.

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I knew his daily routine, knew what he wears down to his boxers, his salary, his phone password, his ATM pin, I even had keys to his house before ever visiting. I met had his family and he had met mine.

He proposed and I accepted but I kept having bad dreams about us, so, I started praying seriously on my own.

Fast forward to some months later, we were together and someone kept calling, but he ignored the calls. See, I had trusted him so much, so when he told me it was someone who needed his help and started asking if I didn’t trust him when I insisted he took his calls, I had to apologize.

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Later, I took the number from his phone without his knowledge because of the way he was acting. That was my first step to happiness. To cut a long story short, after about 2 months, I chatted the number with a different identity. It was a lady who told me she loved him. She told me that they were sleeping together but he had a fiancee whom he loves and has promised her their relationship would continue after his wedding to his fiancee.

He told her his fiancee was good and there will not be any good reason to break the engagement. She also told me she was ready to even go diabolical. Long story short, I confronted him with my pieces of evidence and we broke up.

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She was surprised to discover that it was me she chatted with because I acted like an old friend. The breakup was hard on me because I couldn’t believe he could do such. I fell sick! It was like I was going insane.

He eventually married her and it took me 2 years to get over it and move on completely. I got over him and met another guy who is now my husband. My husband is God’s answer to my prayers, far better than my Ex. Now, my Ex cheats on his wife without remorse right under her nose and they have plenty of issues in their marriage.

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I don’t want to know what is happening to them anymore. I look back and I thank God for saving me from such a marriage because it could have been me. Right now, I have my peace of mind and I am grateful to God. Sometimes God saves you from yourself without you knowing it.

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