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Celebrity Mum, Toyin Abraham Has Everyone Nodding In Agreement To Her Tips For Running The Home During This Lockdown

Celebrity Mum, Toyin Abraham Has Everyone Nodding In Agreement To Her Tips For Running The Home During This Lockdown

Celebrity mum, Toyin Abraham has taken to her Instagram page to share tips with couples and families on handling responsibilities and adjusting to the uncertainties of running the home during these unpredictable times that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the economy into.

The actress touched on very vital aspects of living and lifestyle in her 7-point post including her advice to married couples on resource pooling and management during these times.

The mum-of-one advised wives to support their husbands and not separate but combine financial resources at this time as that will be more serving for the smooth-running of the home-front as well as the savings.

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According to the 35-year-old, this period is a critical one because so many businesses have been affected. She added that this period is a bad time to fulfill every single craving or spending on impulse, as she stressed the importance of conservative spending this period.

The Alakada crooner also advised her fans to support small scale businesses and most of all, they should remember to stay safe because coronavirus has no cure yet.

Read her full post:

Dear #ToyinTitans, let’s discuss something real quick. I know that it is an open secret that this pandemic has crippled businesses and even affected the economy of many nations including ours, as citizens, family, business owners, civil servants, job seekers, etc. how do we survive now and most importantly after? *By Planning ó!* .
1. It is important to first acknowledge that things are not the same. Doing that will help us to be more realistic in our decisions.

2. Let’s ration and be conservative – this is not the time to financially overdo or satisfy every craving we have. Plan everything. It’s important to prioritize needs over wants. You’ll attend to all of your wants when things get better. Ẹ jọ, ẹ jẹ a manage.

3. As families, this is not the time to separate resources but to combine it. Let’s do our bits as wives and not leave it all to our husbands. It’ll help our savings.

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4. As business owners, I know we all feel it differently but whatever business we run, let’s stay hopeful, do our best to maximize our social media pages for more advert, reach out to our customers, be very considerate if we must ask them for our balance (things are hard all over).
5. As civil servants, let’s also remember to save more than we spend. Let’s also try to settle our debts wherever we’ve promised. We all need one another to survive this time.

6. As job seekers/students/creative people, let’s take advantage of this period to learn as much as we can on the online space. Let’s see how we can make money legitimately from providing services online

7. Lastly, ẹyin tèmi, if we must go out to find our daily bread, let’s go out for that purpose only and come back within the stipulated hours. Let’s also use our face masks, wash our hands, maintain social distancing, and use hand sanitizers. Níbi tí a ti ń wá oúnjẹ, a ó ní pàdé nnkan to má jẹ wá ó, Àmín.

Let us all try our best to support small businesses in any way we can. Lágbára Ọlọ́run, the government will find a cure soon and we will all come out victorious at the end of the day. Amen.

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