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COVID-19: Experts Explain Why Baby Wipes Aren’t A Good Option For Keeping Your Hands Clean

COVID-19: Experts Explain Why Baby Wipes Aren’t A Good Option For Keeping Your Hands Clean

Even though COVID-19 is wrecking havoc globally, thankfully, there are several measures you can take to reduce your risk of catching the virus, including regular hand washing. While washing your hands with soap and hot water is the best way to keep the virus at bay, this isn’t always easy when you’re on the go, but there’s word flying around that baby wipes could do some good.

Experts have now revealed that baby wipes aren’t a great option for keeping your hands clean when you’re out and about during this pandemic.

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The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the UK explained that while baby wipes may make you and your family’s hands look clean, they’re not as effective as hand sanitiser or soap and hot water.

The CDC said:

“Baby wipes may make your hands look clean, but they’re not designed to remove germs from your hands. CDC recommends washing hands with soap and water when possible.”

Meanwhile, speaking to Mirror Online, Dr Babak Ashrafi, a doctor with Zava, reiterated that the best way to avoid the virus is regularly washing your hands with soap and water.

He said:

The primary advice is using soap and water to wash your hands – that’s the best way to get rid of bacteria.

Hand sanitiser isn’t as good, but is better than nothing, especially if you’ve been out in public.

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However, Dr Ashrafi added that using too much hand sanitiser is never a good idea.

He explained:

Some people can get severe drying, which can lead to cracking.

Cracks could potentially increase your risk of coronavirus. If you have access to soap and water that’s much better.

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